Renovating a Bathroom: Tips for a Lasting Bathroom Renovation

 Bathroom Renovation Tips


When it comes to renovating a bathroom, you are investing a lot of your time and money into a project like this. So how do you get the most out of it? Nobody wants to fully renovate a space only to not like it a few years later or feel that it isn’t functioning like it should. If you install a new floor and fixtures, you should not have to renovate that space for at least another 5 – 10 years. There are things you can do when renovating your bathroom that will help you create a bathroom that will last for years to come – and that goes for not only the function, but for the style as well. Read on to learn more about how to design a lasting bathroom.


Tip #1 – Hire a Professional: One of the best choices you can make to create a bathroom that lasts is to hire a professional remodeling company to do the renovation for you. These professionals have the specific training required to take on such a big job – a job that includes electrical and plumbing elements. A professional renovation team will know how to properly install your fixtures in a way that will get you the longest life span from them, as well as take care of any plumbing or electrical issues that could hinder your bathroom’s performance down the road. This means they will also catch any hidden water damage that has occurred since your last renovation. The professional team you hire will also be able to give you tips on how to properly care for your fixtures in order to make them last longer. Make sure your check there history by checking reviews on sites such as and your local Better Business Bureau. There is nothing worse than having a contractor that does sloppy work and does not stand behind his work reputation.


Tip #2 – Install Energy Efficient Fixtures: Another great way to get the most life out of your new bathroom is to install energy efficient bathroom fixtures. Today’s energy conscious market provides consumers with endless choices on how to make their home more energy efficient – including in the bathroom. When you decide to install your shower head, opt for an energy efficient model that conserves the amount of water used per shower and uses less pressure than older models. These factors will help you save energy and prolong the life of the shower head. As for your toilet, the new energy efficient dual flush models use less water and more suction per flush which helps reduce things like clogged toilets and toilet tanks that keep running. Even your lighting fixtures can help prolong the life of your bathroom all through the use of energy efficient bulbs. These new light bulbs use only a third of the electricity of a normal bulb and last up to 15 times longer.


Tip #3 – Choose High Quality Flooring: One thing leaves a lot of home owners dissatisfied  with their bathrooms is the type of flooring they choose. As lovely as hardwood flooring looks, it is just not going to last you as long as you like. Since bathrooms produce so much moisture and humidity, you want to choose flooring that can stand up to that for years to come. Not only that, but you want to choose a material that is durable as well. Bathrooms are not the largest of spaces yet they see the most traffic out of any other room in the house. This means they go through a lot of wear and tear. Your flooring needs to survive this. Choose a material like ceramic tile for your bathroom, now if you like the look of hardwood flooring in your bathroom they have ceramic tile options that look just like wood flooring. This material is high in quality, yet more affordable than say a marble floor. As well, this material is extremely durable, easy to clean and water resistant. Ceramic tile flooring also comes in a variety of colours and patterns to suit your preference. Another durable material is linoleum. However, linoleum tiles must be laid properly in order to prevent water from leaking to the floor base which will cause water damage.


Tip #4 –Use Mold Resistant Paint: A great tip to use for every single bathroom out there is painting with mold resistant paint! No matter what kind of fixtures your have or what your flooring looks like, you can ensure your walls will be protected with mold resistant paint. Mold and mildew can appear so fast despite how new your bathroom is. It would be a shame to renovate your space only to see that black spotty mildew forming in the corner of your ceiling over the shower but a few weeks later. Mold resistant paint prevents this from happening. As well, to go along with this, be sure to always use your bathroom fan when the shower or bath is being used. The sooner you can clear away lingering moisture, the safer your bathroom will be and the longer it will last. If you don’t currently have a bathroom fan, get one installed ASAP! This will play a big part in helping your bathroom beauty to last.


Tip #5 – Opt for Timeless Decor: Now that your bases are covered in terms of functionality and preventative measures, the next area that will keep your bathroom lasting longer is your decor. You could have all the right bathroom fixtures and flooring in your space, but if the decor follows a fad or is too spur of the moment, you can guarantee that you will not like in only a few years to come. Choosing timeless decor for your bathroom means that your bathroom will look good no matter how old it is. To accomplish this, stick to elegant designs – nothing too trendy. Choose soft colours for your walls and accents, and hey, white is as timeless as timeless gets when it comes to your bathroom. White looks clean, fresh, and will help your space feel more open. If you paint with mold resistant paint, you won’t have to worry about dark mildew or water stains. Choose very neutral colours for your countertops and flooring. As for accessories and hardware, keep them clean lined and simple, stainless steel accents are a great option. Using these kinds of things to style your bathroom will help it last longer on the design end of things.


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