Home Spa Morning Rituals

Home SPA  Morning Rituals

How do you wake up each morning? Have you fallen into a by-rote routine that doesn’t create an energizing head start to your day?

Create Your Home Spa Experience

Create Your Home Spa Experience

Waking up is difficult. Whether on a busy weekday or a lazy Sunday, rituals can help ease you into your day and ground you for the hours ahead. Life’s biggest pleasures are the small things that make day-to-day living more balanced and civilized. Here are some ideas to help you design your home spa morning rituals.

Don’t rush
Get up 15 – 30 minutes earlier than usual so that you can enjoy some serenity and calm before you hit the pavement.

Train your brain
Instead of pressing the snooze button too many times, train yourself to awaken naturally. Practice by reminding yourself to awaken 15 – 30 minutes prior to your normal alarm time just before you fall asleep. Leave the blinds partially open to let in the morning sunlight. This will tell your brain that it’s wake-up time.

Create your day
How would you like your day to look? How do you want to feel? Visualize pleasure and success in your daily endeavours. Envision ease, effortlessness and inspiration. Affirm your intentions by declaring them aloud.

Hydrate your body and cleanse your liver by bringing a big glass (or bottle) of water with half of a freshly squeezed lemon and a pinch of natural maple syrup with you in the shower or bath.

Give yourself a sea salt scrub in the shower for an invigorating glow. Steam showers are even better for exfoliating power. Make your own natural moisturizing scrub with equal parts coconut oil, almond oil and sea salt. Dry brushing your body pre-shower improves lymphatic function and overall health.

Re-mineralize, detoxify or alkalize your body by soaking for 15 minutes in a regular or jetted bath with high quality products found in health food stores. Oversize baths with light color therapy offer extra relaxation benefits to center yourself for the day.

Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast. Trainers emphasize the importance of protein first thing in the morning for weight loss. Blood sugar levels that drop while fasting at night are hard to restore without a good breakfast. Low blood sugar can create an irritable start to your morning, that can build throughout the day. Boost your mood, metabolic rate and energy level with a hearty, healthy breakfast that contains protein.

Set the tone for the day with a tune
Create a playlist of your all-time favorite tunes that make you happy, make you dance or bring back happy memories. Many quality steam showers come with good sound systems for music streaming directly in the shower.

Start the day with a little love
We saved the best one for last. If you are fortunate enough to have a partner, set aside a little extra time for a weekly couple’s shower. Give each other a sea salt scrub and a mini-massage. A steam shower is ideal for setting the mood with space, music and ambience. A little morning sensual and/or sexual pleasure is a fantastic ritual to begin any day!

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