Faucet buying guide

 Faucet Buying Guide

When replacing a faucet, whether for a bathroom, kitchen or tub there are two things to consider. Is a single handle or two handles better? Single handle faucets are easier to use and easier to install. For kitchen faucets these are becoming very popular, because they combine the spout and the spray head into one piece. This is for flexibility and aesthetics. Some faucets come with side spray. Here are other things to consider when shopping for a new faucet.

Number of Holes in Current Sink

If keeping the current sink, the number of holes in the sink will have to be the same as the number required by the new faucet. If there are extra holes, a base plate can cover extra holes. This may have come with the faucet or can be picked up separately. It is not recommended to drill additional holes in an existing sink.

Single Handle Vs Two Handles

A single handle faucet may be easier to use. It may be more difficult to regular the temperature, so in a shower stall a two handle faucet may work better. The two handle faucets have separate handles for the hot and cold water, which are part of the base-plate or can be separately mounted. If a sprayer is included, it is separately attached.

Spout Styles

faucet Spouts come in a variety of styles. Straight spouts are more compact and cheaper. Goose- neck models are easier to get things under them, like pots and large containers. It is important to make sure the spout moves far enough, from side to side to each all areas of the sink. Match spout size to the sink size. If they are too different, they will look odd and not function properly.

Be aware of how high the faucet is, so that it will fit under cabinets. Taller faucets look nice, but are better suited for island sinks or sinks in front of a window. Spout types include pull-out spouts, pull-down spouts, side sprays, professional style, water-saving spouts, bar faucets, fixed faucets and pot filler faucets.

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Faucet Features

In-faucet features include things like water filters for tap water. Soap dispenses help avoid cluttering the sink with soap containers, etc. Hot water dispensers are great for fixing hot beverages.

Materials Used

Faucets can have a number of different finishes. These include, polished chrome, satin nickel, and stainless steel. Be sure to match the faucet color to your sink, so the appearance is nice. Faucets come in many different colors.


When replacing a faucet and sink at the same time is an easier task than just replacing the faucet. The faucet is installed first and then the sink is installed. Tightening the fit with a screwdriver makes for a more streamlined task. Using a longer water supply hose allows for easier connecting. The two types of mounting are deck mounted faucets and wall mounted. Deck mounted faucets are attached to the counter-top or the sink itself. Wall mounted faucets attach to the wall and hang over the sink.


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