8 Bathroom Trends to Know in 2016

We’re almost three months in to 2016, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to tackle new projects, new goals and new trends. Like fashion, bathrooms have their own set of trends – and here at EagoParts we’re on top of the latest and greatest! To help you with your next bathroom remodel, our team came up with a list of eight bathroom trends that we think should be part of your 2016 dream bathroom!

heated-bathroom-floor1. Heated bathroom floors: It’s not quite spring yet, and let’s be honest, those bathroom floors always seem a bit chilly.. Bathroom floors always find a way to be the coldest part of the house. Heated floors are becoming extremely popular, not only because of their warmth, but they can help dry out the moisture in your bathroom after a shower or bath. And, the obvious bonus: they make that walk out of the shower much less miserable. While they aren’t a necessity, heated floors are definitely a luxury item we wouldn’t mind having.

open-shelves2. Open shelving: One of our favorite trends is pretty popular across the home improvement industry – open shelving throughout the bathroom. By installing open shelving, you can do so much! Whether you want to display a collection of knickknacks you’ve worked on for years, gain more space for towel storage, or have a spot for all those random shower bottles – the choices are endless. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s stylish, too!

rebath grab bars


3. Grab bars in showers: Grab bars are extremely helpful for safety reasons, but they’re also trendy in 2016. If you think you’re about to take a spill in the shower, grab bars can help you avoid a heap of trouble if you’ve got them installed. They’re quick and easy to install.

4. Big tile: Any kind of color can change the look of your entire bathroom. When it comes to your floor – the same holds true. If you fee like you’re cramped, pick a big, bold pattern for your bathroom tile. This will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.



5. Trough sinks: Trough sinks are stylish and great for small bathrooms. Two faucets can easily fit on a trough sink or you can opt for just one faucet if that’s all you need. The possibilities of styles and color schemes for trough sinks are infinite. No matter your style, you can flaunt it with one of these sinks.




6. Shower seats: Shower seats might not ever go out of style. A shower is a quicker alternative to a bath, but a seat can make it much more relaxing. There are tons of styles and options when it comes to shower seats.

7. White color schemes: You can’t go wrong with a neutral color scheme, and white is no exception. It’s easy to pair a pop of color with a white bathroom. White plumbing fixtures give your bathroom a clean look and clean is always in style.


multiple shower heads8. Double showerheads: Home experts say that the popularity of a large rain showerhead with the addition of a handset will grow in 2016. Who wouldn’t like one of those hand-held showerheads to get all of those places you might have missed? Hand-held shower heads are also super helpful when bathing kids and pets!

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