5 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

When planning a new bathroom or updating your existing bathroom the first thing to consider is the style you want to achieve.

Read below to learn about 5 inexpensive ways to make your bathroom luxurious.

Natural Accents
Natural stone counter – A soapstone top, with its river rock color and matte finish, has a warmer look than polished granite. Cut one to your specs using woodworking tools.. Source: ThisOldHouse

Two Shower Curtains For a Grander Tub
Shower curtain panels make for a far more luxurious bath experience. For a tiny bathroom, just cut the curtain in half and hem the edges. Easy peasy. Source: Buzzfeed

Arrange Artfully
Consider your counter: Are your beauty and hygiene supplies just strewn about randomly? If so, adding a few small trays can mean the difference between a mess and an artful arrangement. And don’t write off apothecary jars just because they’re a cliche — they’re a beautiful way to display the small but necessary items that often come in gaudy packaging (cotton balls, q-tips). Source: ElleDecor

Fresh Flowers and Greenery
This trick may sound too easy, but you’ll be amazed at how much a little plant life can go a long way in making your bathroom much prettier and vibrant. Source: RedbookMag

Mirror Power
A large mirror has so much power. It cuts down on tile costs by filling much of a wall (while reflecting the material you do invest in) and can virtually double the size of the room, making it feel like a vast personal oasis even if the room is a more modest size. Consider taking a mirror wall to wall. Source: Houzz

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