3 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

How to Keep your Bathroom Clean


Looking for tips on cleaning your bathroom? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 3 tips on how to clean your bathroom effectively, including: cleaning surfaces, cleaning before your bathroom gets “gross” and keeping things organized.

Here are 3 bathroom cleaning tips to get you started:

1. Clean the surface – It’s all about surface cleaning. Drop in some toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit until the last few seconds and then wipe down the countertops, sink and toilet tank and seat. Give your shower a spray with either store bought or home made daily cleaner (or white vinegar). Run your toilet brush around your toilet and you’re done. It’s a busy minute but it can be done in that time frame. Source: Apartment Therapy

2. Clean before it gets gross – Now that you have your surfaces clear and your tools where you need them, the rest is a snap! The toilet brush that’s in each bathroom is no longer used for scrubbing the toilet. You are actually just going to swish the water around, focusing on the water line. You won’t even need toilet bowl cleaner! Pick a morning each week to do this, and you will never have to scrub the toilet bowl again. Yes, there might be a few spots that need a little extra attention or a spritz of cleanser, but for the most part it’s just a few moments of swishing. Then, grab one of those conveniently-placed flushable wipes, and run it over the lid, seat, and base of the toilet bowl. In less than 90 seconds, your toilet is clean. Source: Quick and Dirty Tips

how to clean bathroom

3. Keep things organized – Keep an organized bathroom so it will be easier to put stuff away. When you know where everything is, it will be easier to get ready in the morning. Plus, when you clean the counter the clutter will already be taken care of. Source: WikiHow

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