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Best Oils for Herbal Steam Showers

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Best Oils for Herbal Aroma Therapy in Steam Showers   Regardless of the time or culture, people have understood the benefits of using steam baths for their health. This is true not only to experience the physical but the mental benefits of relaxation as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing a physical problem […]

How Does a Steam Bath Reduce Weight?

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Do you need to lose some weight? Yes? You and everybody else. The truth is that Canadians and Americans will try virtually anything to drop some pounds. The trouble is separating the true from the far-fetched. One strategy that has been around for a while and has a fair number of believers is the use […]

The Countless Wonderful Health Advantages of Steam Showers

steam shower health benefits

When renovating your bathroom so that it is more functional and in order to have a modern appearance, you need to carefully evaluate the layout and fixtures especially the shower. During the 1900’s, you will have had your bathtub in the kitchen area, or perhaps not even inside the home and in a place in […]

Health Benefits of Using a Steam Shower


Health Benefits of Using a Steam Shower Wondering what a steam shower can do for you? Not only are steam showers relaxing, they also bring with them many other health benefits, including: relieving pain, clearing up your skin, and improving circulation. Check out this quick post to learn more about these benefits of a steam […]

Steam Showers to treat Colds and Flu

steam shower health benefits

How Steam Showers Can Shorten Colds and Flu to Improve Health When we get sick and start to run a fever  this usually means the body is suffering from some type of infection, caused by bacteria or a virus. When we get a fever, we know we must be sick. However, did you know that […]