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How to Survive Your Bathroom Renovation

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How to Survive Your Bathroom Renovation   Bathroom renovation projects are dreaded by many homeowners. The potential for expense, plus the possibility of a long project duration during which time it is less convenient to use the bathroom, cause stress for many people. But don’t let the thought of a bathroom remodel put you off. […]

Vertical Storage Solutions To Maximize Space in Bathroom

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Whether you’ve shifted to a brand new apartment, or are considering  remodeling your existing bathroom, applying vertical storage solutions to maximize space in a bathroom comes handy. With “minimalism” becoming the buzzword in every aspect of human life, a minimalistic bath décor becomes the obvious choice for small-sized bathrooms and apartments. Utilizing vertical space requires […]

The Huge Value of Designer Bathroom Accessories

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The Huge Value of Designer Bathroom Accessories The bathroom should never be a neglected room in the home as far as beautification is concerned. Yet, this is frequently the case, but not because the average homeowner or apartment dweller fails to see the value in a beautiful bathroom. Rather, the person just might not know […]