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Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink

Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Top mount or undermount sinks? Wall-mount or pedestal sinks?  There is a lot of choice out there and we’ll try to break it down for you. Before you head out the door to get that new sink  you need to consider which bathroom (master en suite, family bathroom, powder room), who is going to use […]

How to Find Antique Bathroom Sinks


Antique sinks are coming back into style, but if you’re set on a truly vintage piece and not just something that is made to model an older style sink, you might have some trouble locating what you’re looking for in good, quality condition. One thing that might be important to decide right from the get-go […]

How to Install an Undermount Sink

undermount sink installation

Photo Credit: Design culture is heavily influenced by DIY trends. Performing certain renovations or upgrades on your own has become a proven money-saver in the long-term scheme of things. The bathroom can be an intimidating space to try to upgrade by yourself, but it’s often one of the best rooms in your home to […]

Vertical Storage Solutions To Maximize Space in Bathroom

bathroom storage

Whether you’ve shifted to a brand new apartment, or are considering  remodeling your existing bathroom, applying vertical storage solutions to maximize space in a bathroom comes handy. With “minimalism” becoming the buzzword in every aspect of human life, a minimalistic bath décor becomes the obvious choice for small-sized bathrooms and apartments. Utilizing vertical space requires […]