How to Find Antique Bathroom Sinks

Antique bathroom sink

Antique sinks are coming back into style, but if you’re set on a truly vintage piece and not just something that is made to model an older style sink, you might have some trouble locating what you’re looking for in good, quality condition. One thing that might be important to decide right from the get-go is whether you want to find a truly antique piece, or if you want to put in the leg work to find a sink that will model an antique style, fit nicely in your , and that will be easier to find and install.  If you’re serious about finding a truly antique sink or vanity to fit in your bathroom, check out these ideas on how to locate the perfect new addition to your antique collection.


eBay has dropped in popularity since the immersion of other ecommerce market places, such as Amazon, however eBay still holds some valuable treasures for finding sinks. People who understand the value of the antique style are looking to share these small treasures with other like minded individuals. Other folks are looking to move to a more contemporary design and hoping to get rid of old material in a profitable way in order to have money to go towards the renovation. Whatever you find, eBay is a great place to start in looking for antique bathroom fixtures.


We know, we know… it’s becoming increasingly outdated and doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being safe after the infamous Craigslist Killer, but Craigslist is still used by enough folks to allow it to be worth a shot in gaining some antique products for your bathroom. If you’re worried about the safety of it all, take a friend with you when you go to check out the item, and make sure that you agree to meet in a public place.

Garage Sales

Who goes to garage sale anymore, right? Wrong. For the non-tech savvy and the neighborhood-friendly people of the world, garage sales still remain one of the easiest ways for someone to get rid of those things they consider junk in hopes that it will be someone else’s treasure. If crawling all over the city isn’t your thing, just stop by a few sales (maybe in slightly classier neighborhoods) and see what might be available.

Specialized Retail Stores

Finally, there have always specialized antique shops that offer truly antique items, and most of the time these items have been touched up or refinished in some way so that they are ready for installation and use. Be forewarned, however, these products usually tend to be on the more pricey side, as the cost of labor and service will be added into the overall price you pay for the item.

Antique sinks are a great way to give the overall style of your bathroom a more old-day feel. Do you have any antique styled rooms in your home? Leave your feedback and questions in the comments below and let us know if we missed any important ways to find antique-style furniture.

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