The Whirlpool Bath: Spa-Style Bathroom Luxury You Can Afford

Affordable Luxury Jetted Bathtubs

Most people only ever get the chance to enjoy a luxurious soak in a whirlpool bathtub when they are staying in a quality hotel. However, there are now some incredibly affordable models for sale that can be installed in an average bathroom that will bring the spa experience into your own home. Home owners can enjoy the trappings of style and luxury without ever leaving the house, and the range of different styles available means that there is a suitable whirlpool for almost any size or shape of room. However, the designs and benefits are so stunning, deciding on the best one can be a tough decision. Some models are designed only for singular seating for only one person while other models have seating for 2 with either side by side seating or face to face seating depending on the configuration.


The Advantages of Having a Whirlpool Bath in the Home

The installation of a quality whirlpool system can add a feeling of luxury to a home, and it may also add a little value and appeal if the house is ever advertised for sale. A whirlpool bathtub is a great alternative to a non whirlpool bath, and it is sometimes a direct replacement. Owners of whirlpool baths can take advantage of a stunning source of relaxation at a time of their own choosing, and the chance to take a soothing jet-bath at the end of a tough day at work may be simply too tempting to resist. Sufferers of back-pain may benefit from the massaging functions, so many people believe investing in a whirlpool bath for the home is a necessity rather than a luxury. The use of aromatic oils and bubble baths means that taking a dip in a whirlpool jetted bath can be an experience usually reserved for high-quality spas.


How Does a Whirlpool Bath Work?

Whirlpool baths can be bought in a number of different shapes, designs and sizes. Ventilated jets are fitted into the walls of the tub, and some models have jets on the bottom of the tub,  they are designed to force air and water out at adjustable strengths and speeds. The user can adjust these speeds for very different massaging experiences. For small or awkwardly-shaped bathrooms, combination shower / whirlpool baths can be installed that fit in the same space as just the tub alone. This clever use of space can enhance the daily life of homeowners, and the prices involved are often more affordable than people realize.


Whirlpool bath massage jets

Wonderful Massaging Jets

Space Considerations

Where space is not an issue, it may be possible to have a purpose-built whirlpool installed that creates a stunning focal point in any bathroom.  Some models have clear glass fronts or sides giving the look and feel of a limitless pool. The larger models often have capacities for up to three people, and they can be enclosed within their own stylish wooden surrounds or set like an island center piece to your bathroom. Some key decisions to look at when looking for a jetted bath such as the number of jets, the location of individual jets and the depth of the whirlpool and the size of the pump installed in the bathtub.


Built in Features

There are dozens of customizable features with some whirlpools, and they provide users with features that aid both comfort and practicality. Some top-of-the-range models come with user-friendly touch control panels in different locations, so people with mobility issues can create their own experience with ease. Users can opt for additional extras such as individual head-rests, Built in Stereos, underwater chroma- therapy lighting and ergonomic seating arrangements and built in heaters that will keep the water warm and toasty so you can soak to your hearts content without worry that the water will get cold. Some other interesting features found on high end jetted bathtubs is waterfall features allowing the water to come out above the users head and run like a babbling brook into the tub giving a soothing sound and feeling while soaking.  Sanitary concerns that once plagued jetted baths are now a thing of the past as BathTubs from companies like EAGO feature tubs that fill thru the jets, so jet lines are fully purged every time the tub is filled and a patented design that drains all of the jet lines completely after each use so there is nothing left in the lines to go skunky if the bathtub is not used regularly.  In addition the latest innovations in design and significant reductions in price mean that having a whirlpool bath in your own home may be more affordable than you think and a simple matter of deciding how big it should be!


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