What You Need For a Functional and Easy Access Bathroom

What You Need For a Functional and Easy Access Bathroom


Bathrooms aren’t always easy to navigate. They’re the parts of the house that typically have not been updated that often. All this has pretty much changed these days. Nowadays, people are going with no-fuss and clutter free bathrooms. Minimalist looks are the best examples but even if you don’t go for it, there are still tons of ways to achieve an easy access bathroom. Below are a couple of tips we’ve pooled together to help you do just that.


  • Walk in shower units help to eliminate conventional baths from the usual. These units are perfect for those who are injured or simply too afraid of slipping in conventional baths. Walk in shower units are simple, minimalist and are effortless to install. Larger units can also afford room for seats which can help one relax further. Even though they are minimalist they do not need to be without pizzaz. With features like steam, body massage jets, Stereo and Colored lights.

Easy Access Walk in Shower

  • Basins and toilets can also tend to be clumsy and ugly looking. They can be made much more accessible. There are raised comfort height seats, for example, that are really versatile. These can be used by those in wheelchairs as well as those without any disabilities. Adjustable basins, likewise, accomplish the same thing. With choices such as under mount sinks, semi mount or full vessel sinks which sit a bit higher on the counter top.


  • For bathroom suites, one can make use of the manifold adaptations and modifications that are available to them in order to make them more effortlessly accessible. You can implement shower and cubicle trays to keep things close at hand and neatly organized. Also, there are wet floor systems and in-bath seating systems available to those interested.


  • If there is room in the  bath or shower , grab rails might want to be installed. These are sturdy, secure rails that makeBathtub pillow entering and exiting the shower or bath much safer. These are perfect for users with limited mobility, senior citizens, those with disabilities and pretty much anyone who is unsteady on their feet.


  • Another thing that can help with people wary of slipping inside the shower are bath mats. These help improve the traction that would otherwise be lost especially if you have a sleek and slippery floor. Bath pillows help improve the overall luxury of the bathroom while also helping one soak themselves comfortably in a relaxed position.


  • Finally, folding bath screens are also quite helpful. This fixture helps prevent any water leakage from the bath. With the feature of being collapsed into a single panel, it helps keep the bathroom easy access.


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