Ways to clear your mind and destress when studying

Why Taking a Bath Is the Best Way to Recharge While Writing an Essay?

Writing an essay is an activity that may require some energy recharge. The best way to relax and catch an inspiration is by taking a bath.

Stuck on an Essay? Take a Bath to Recharge!

No matter the situation, no matter the time and place, you still would prefer taking a bath rather than doing anything on the planet. Seriously, think about it. What can be better than a feeling of soft bubbles on your skin, warm water, and scented candles all over the place? Let`s not be sexist here, alright? Boys do take baths with all of those attributes, they just never tell. All because a bath is the best anti-stress treatment that has ever been created. By the way, it was created by Ancient Romans and the people who were in charge of origination of all modern culture couldn`t be wrong.

Baths aren`t just about personal hygiene, it`s about getting you back on track in that mental race of thoughts, ideas, and creative activities. Let`s say, you`re writing an essay (which can be considered to be an easy task only in a parallel universe). If the deadline is creeping on you like the maniac in the best traditional movie by Alfred Hitchcock, then, naturally, you`ll feel all stressed out. It`s like a vicious circle that will become a significant obstacle on your way to a good result of the productive work.

The less time is left, the more anxious you feel, the less you can concentrate on the task. And this disturbing and familiar scheme can be applied to pretty much any daily activity. There are two ways out which we can propose you in this particular situation. When you feel like the task is too overwhelming, the only thing you should do is to look for “write my essay UK” on the Internet and the source of your stress will disappear into thin air because you`ll get a high-quality help from professional writers. The other way is to try to balance your thoughts and time, achieve an inner peace, and establish a trusting relationship with your creative self. You can do that by taking a bath. And we`ve got the proof for you why it`s super beneficial.

Breathe in, Breathe Out

What does your brain need to turn the whole creative capacity on? Chocolate? Maybe. Special music for work? It depends. Oxygen? That`s right! The simplest answer of all and it`s your brain`s best friend. It literally can`t live without it. Well, no more than seven minutes to be specific. When your blood vessels are saturated with oxygen, your thinking capacity becomes much better at performing its functions. What does it have to do with the bath?

When you breathe in the steam of hot water, you start breathing faster, the oxygen intake rises, and it results in activating the brain work. You feel like the process of breathing happens in the most natural way, it makes your body feel all relaxed and calm. Isn`t that the best condition for writing your essay? A quick friendly reminder: don`t take the laptop to the bathroom, it won`t end well. In case of the accident, the even bigger stress is guaranteed.

We Float, We Relax

If you ever decide to break the worldwide stereotype that people can`t fly and start practicing what it feels like, just visit the Dead Sea. It`s so salty that you can just lie in there floating with no need to make any movement to stay on the surface. This is a very relaxing activity which is proved to be incredibly beneficial for your nervous system and overall mental health. Taking into consideration that you`re not likely to book a flight to Jordan or Israel in order to write an essay or a report, you should bring the Dead Sea into your apartment.

The feeling of floating is incredibly relaxing and if you`ve been feeling the physical and psychological tension, anxiety or overwhelming pressure, a salty bathroom will be the best option to get you back in the saddle so you can continue with the creative work in the most productive way.

Practically an Official Medicine

Baths are widely used as a treating method to help patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a condition of mind and body when no matter how much you take your time to relax, sleep, and recharge your energy, nothing helps. It`s not a rare disease among the people who populate huge cities. Nowadays, it has a lot to do with information overload, too much time spent on social media, and an enormous amount of human interaction. Baths are often prescribed by doctors as the way to ease the symptoms of this condition. Also, it can be a good way to prevent it and get a much-needed vitality restoring.

A Bathroom Is a Happy Place


When you`re taking a bath, your body feels so thankful and joyful that it`s being flooded with serotonin which is a hormone of happiness. You feel its rush while eating chocolate or having sex. Bath isn`t quite the same as both of those things, but it can become some sort of an alternative. What is more, this procedure helps to keep the level of most hormones balanced. This is crucial for your health and overall well-being.

Combine It with Meditation

If you want to turn your time of taking a bath into the most relaxing and refreshing experience, you can add meditation to the process. Light up aroma candles to calm down your nerves, turn on the lounge music, and expect the creativity to visit you very soon. It`s recommended to meditate in a bathroom for around 15 minutes which will be enough to get to the state of calmness and peacefulness.

While you`re still with us, let me remind you that taking a bath too often may be, of course, beneficial for your mental and physical health, but it won`t be for nature. You won`t use so much water taking a shower. So, remember that moderation is the key here.


Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke bathroom product and design expert.

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