Ways to maintain your bathroom sparkling clean


Are you worried that your bathroom is not as clean as the rest of your house? The reason may be you are not doing the right things to keep it clean, or you are using the wrong cleaning methods. It is everyone’s dream to see their sink sparkling clean and the tiles all shiny. Therefore, if you would want to make your bathroom look neat and clean, the following are some tips to help you.


Tips on how to maintain your bathroom sparkling clean

Empty your trash can

How long does it take before you empty your bathroom trash can? Even a small detail such as this can cause your bathroom seems unity or tidy. Also keeping piled up trash causes the room to smell bad or even seem full and disorganized. Therefore, after cleaning your bathroom, make sure to empty the trash can and rinse it before you put it back. Note that even though you don’t necessarily clean the entire bathroom on a daily basis, emptying the box should be done daily.

Clean up the shower area

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No matter how careful you are while bathing using a shower, there will always be soap lathers that get stuck on the walls. So, the more you leave the lather on the wall, the more it gets stuck on the wall thus discoloring it. So to avoid this, make an effort of cleaning the walls of the shower area after every shower session. Also, splash some fresh and clean water in the shower head and the handlebar to remove any soap that may be there. Once in a while maybe in a week, use vinegar and the floor of the shower area for optimum cleansing.

Dry your towels with a drier

Do not leave your towels in the bathroom while moist. This is because there is no enough lighting or warmth in the area hence your towel may take long before it dries up. This causes it to produce a foul smell. So what is the solution to this? Every time you finish up with your towel, put it in a dryer machine for about five minutes to get rid of all the moist that may be in it or instead, you can dry it outside and put it back once it completely dries off the water. Visit to learn what to look out for when buying a dryer machine to use in your home.

Rinse your sink and mirror after every brush and shave.

This is an easy to do task since you can do it as you brush or shave. Toothpaste will always sprinkle on the mirror when brushing your teeth or shaving not unless you are not doing it while looking in the mirror. So, to ensure that you leave these areas just the way you found them, make sure you splash water on the mirror to clean off the paste and shave residuals. Also, run water on the sink as you scrub it with your hands to get rid of the dirty water.


Considering the bathroom is a small room in the house, it is quite easy to maintain its cleanliness using the above-discussed tips which are quite easy to practice to ensure that your bathroom retains its sparkle all the time. Buy easy to use fixtures such as the bathtubs and faucets and ensure they are made of the durable and stainless steel material to prevent them from rusting due to constant use of water.


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