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Remodeling your bathroom should result in a space that is beautiful, relaxing, and useful. A good way to make that happen is by investing in a vanity with plenty of storage. When a bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space, it leads to clutter and frustration.

There are many options for bathroom storage (shelving units, linen closets, etc.), but the vanity provides one of the best storage solutions. Most accessories are used with either the bathroom mirror or the sink. When remodeling your bathroom, be sure to select your vanity with its storage capabilities in mind.

Not everyone needs the same amount of storage in their bathroom, so it is important to select the vanity that best fits your needs. When making that selection, take these vanity storage options into consideration.

Drawers & Doors

Because they are both easily accessible and provide plenty of space for bathroom necessities, the most common vanity storage comes in the form of drawers and doors beneath the vanity. Using interior shelves or door-mounted organizers can also create additional space within the vanity.

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The Sink Situation

Sinks and their plumbing take up quite a bit of space in the bathroom, but figuring out the best location for your sink can provide additional storage space. Storage in small vanities is best optimized when the sink is offset to create room for drawers on the opposite side. Large vanities with one centered sink create space for drawers on either side.

Using two sinks is helpful if multiple people need to get ready in the morning, but it also means that the plumbing is doubled and decreases the amount of storage space. A solution for this problem could be a vessel sink. A vessel sink sits above the counter, which allows for more storage room below. If you like the look of small or double sink vanities but don’t want to sacrifice storage space, consider using a vessel sink.

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The Medicine Cabinet

Recessed cabinets behind the bathroom mirror allows for easier access to bathroom necessities and increases your bathroom vanity storage space.

If you already have a medicine cabinet or small bathroom mirror hanging above your wide vanity, consider using the extra wall space for shelves. Vertical storage is a great way to save on space without additional clutter in the bathroom. Adjustable shelves gives you the freedom to change your storage space as your needs change.

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Shelves Galore

Shelving units can either have doors or open shelves. Doors supply clean, hidden storage while open shelves grant easy access to accessories. Open shelves would be a great option in a guest bathroom so that guests can easily find where extra toiletries are kept.

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Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke, author and foremost expert in bathroom fixtures and design.


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