Types of Bathroom Vanities and Their Benefits

Bathroom vanities are extremely useful and are the best addition to bathroom decor. If you’re planning to have one of these, then here are a few ideas for you.

Glass Bathroom Vanity
At any clear finish or frosted tempered glass provides a single, sleek and modern, as well as the set of bathroom vanities. This is one of the easiest surfaces to clean and has very good tolerance of heat does not dissolve or burn, if you forget the curling iron out! Tempered glass isalso a non-porous surface, bacteria and germs have no place to grow, which is hygienic and resistant to stains. Another advantage of glass is that you will not need to worry about communication with your bath or color, because it is a different material, each device color (white or bone) game. Finally, the most dramatic for the bathroom remodeling project to install lights beneath the surface of tempered glass to add. Source: ModernBathroom

Double Bathroom Vanity
Double sink vanities are often seen in home design magazines. They are extremely stylish and provide a fantastic combination of form and function. Double sinks look great when they fit the dimensions of the room nicely; they also provide personal space in the bathroom for individuals living together in the same house. A bathroom vanity with two sinks is very practical. Two people can save a considerable amount of time just by having two sinks in one bathroom. The basic components of a double sink vanity include the countertop, cabinet, basins, fixtures, and hardware such as knobs and drawer pulls. You have two options, you can look for each item individually or you can look at furniture style complete vanities. Source: Ezine

Floating Bathroom Vanity
The main advantage of a floating vanity is the illusion of space it creates in the room; the room seems bigger because of the light that passes beneath it. In a small bathroom where space is already a premium, adding strip or spot lighting beneath the floating vanity helps to enhance the illusion of additional space. It also makes the bathroom less cluttered and simpler, rendering it easier to keep clean, a plus in any home. Source: Home

While selecting vanities for your home, you need to consider several things such as the size of the bathroom, as well as your budget along with the rest of decor. If you want more suggestions, please contact us here.

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