Things You Shouldn’t Keep in the Bathroom

We usually do a lot of our grooming in the bathroom, which is why it’s where we store most of the things we need for getting ready in the morning. But did you know that there are things best kept away from the bathroom? Here are some of them:

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Collective ewwwwws all around. You knew your toothbrush was going to be on this list! All of us have been (or are) guilty of storing our toothbrushes by the bathroom…maybe even near the toilet (gross).

When it comes to storing what you put in your mouth so close to the toilet (again, gross), scientists from Louisiana’s Quinnipiac University warn you may be brushing with more than toothpaste. Not only was fecal matter detected on 60-percent of toothbrushes stored in shared bathrooms, the toothbrushes were also contaminated with the fecal matter, bacteria, and potential viruses and parasites from cohabitants of the same shared space. Source: ActiveBeat

Extra towels
You should only bring a towel in the bathroom when you’re headed for a bath or shower, and then leave it to dry somewhere else.


Because towels absorb the humidity in the room and can begin to smell before you’ve even used it, especially if you store them in a cupboard in the bathroom.

The solution? Just bring one in, dry yourself, then hang it to dry somewhere else. And keep your towels in a linen closet away from the bathroom. Source: TheSpruce

We know, we know: It’s called a “medicine” cabinet. But really, your prescription should stay far away from moisture and at room temperature (between 68 and 77 degrees). The drugs could lose their effectiveness if not stored in a cool and dry place. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Razor blades
Store any extra razor blades or shaving utensils out of water’s way. Lingering moisture and steam from showers and baths can dull blades and promote rust, rendering them ineffective and possibly harmful. Source: BHG


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