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Is an In-Home Steam Shower Expensive?

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Is a Steam Shower Expensive?   At first glance, chances are good that you believe that a home steam shower is something only for gyms, spas, and homes of the rich and famous. And up until now, you would have a lot of evidence to prove you were right. On the other hand, thanks to […]

How Do Steam Showers Affect the Body?

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Whether we realize it or not, the human body is full of toxic wastes. And even though we might not need to have our friends dress in a hazmat suit to approach us, these impurities remain very unhealthful to us. Fortunately, there is an excellent and ever increasingly popular method of removing these toxins, with […]

Best Oils for Herbal Steam Showers

steam shower safety

Best Oils for Herbal Aroma Therapy in Steam Showers   Regardless of the time or culture, people have understood the benefits of using steam baths for their health. This is true not only to experience the physical but the mental benefits of relaxation as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing a physical problem […]

How Does a Steam Bath Reduce Weight?

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Do you need to lose some weight? Yes? You and everybody else. The truth is that Canadians and Americans will try virtually anything to drop some pounds. The trouble is separating the true from the far-fetched. One strategy that has been around for a while and has a fair number of believers is the use […]