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5 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Tips

bathroom cleaning tips

Thinking about how to keep your bathroom clean with a minimal amount of effort and time? Read on as we share the 5 minute bathroom cleaning tips that you might want to know. Minute 1 First I put away everything on the counter tops.  If you just focus & do this, it will take just […]

Vertical Storage Solutions To Maximize Space in Bathroom

bathroom storage

Whether you’ve shifted to a brand new apartment, or are considering  remodeling your existing bathroom, applying vertical storage solutions to maximize space in a bathroom comes handy. With “minimalism” becoming the buzzword in every aspect of human life, a minimalistic bath décor becomes the obvious choice for small-sized bathrooms and apartments. Utilizing vertical space requires […]

Things not to do when remodeling your Bathroom

Things not to do when renovating your bathroom

When it comes to remodeling tips, everyone’s full of advice. It seems like plenty of contractors, websites, and designers have suggestions about what to do, how to do it and where to do it at, but when it comes to avoiding the cardinal “don’ts” concerning your bathroom space, there’s considerably less information out there. If […]

Double Vanity Sinks In Bathroom: Twice as Beneficial?

Bathroom Double Vanity

Roomy or partner, nobody wants to bump into someone in the bathroom on a lazy morning! And no matter the intimacy, no one wants to see someone’s toothpaste drool – or have it as one’s hazy yet unforgettable memory for the day. A double vanity sinks option is probably a bath fixture whose time has […]