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Elegant Bathroom Designs


  Every room in the house should be decorated according to its function and with the right decorating designs as well. Architectural designers have come up with different methods of improving a home to attain the modern and classic look, and these inventions include how to make a bathroom stand out just like the rest […]

What is Trending Now in Bathroom Design

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What is Trending in Bathrooms ? Bathroom trends are often changing and improving. The millennial homeowner has many unique options available allowing them to build a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom. Homeowners of 2016 are finding that they no longer have to choose the features that past generations were in love with. Modern trends are […]

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

bathroom design trends

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, or create it from scratch, one important decision involves the material you’ll use for the floor. With some of the bigger decisions that go into constructing a bathroom, the flooring often gets left behind, but it is a crucial part of a bathroom design and can greatly […]

Things to Know Before You Redo Your Bathroom

bathroom design trends

A bathroom remodel is a huge undertaking, there’s no doubt about it. Done well, it can add value to a home far above the money spent, while also adding a great deal to the enjoyment of a home. Still, remodeling a bathroom is a potentially expensive and stressful project, so plan carefully before committing to […]

8 Bathroom Trends to Know in 2016

We’re almost three months in to 2016, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to tackle new projects, new goals and new trends. Like fashion, bathrooms have their own set of trends – and here at EagoParts we’re on top of the latest and greatest! To help you with your next bathroom remodel, our team came […]