Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can pose a huge challenge when it comes to decorating or modelling them. However, with the help of some clever small bathroom design ideas, your little bathroom has the potential of turning into a lovely, cozy space. We have listed below some small bathroom design ideas and solutions that we highly recommend, and although there would be some bathrooms that are just too tiny to modify without increasing their square footage a bit, most small bathrooms are bound to benefit from these effective bathroom design ideas. First consider your budget, then read on and pick your favourite ideas.

  • Shower or Bathtub

We find that in most small bathrooms, there is either a combination bathtub with a shower set inside, or there’s only a shower. We recommend getting rid of the shower curtains and using a glass door enclosure instead, if your budget permits this. Glass will help create the illusion of larger bathroom space. However, if a glass door is not an option, you could try clear or lighter coloured shower curtains instead. Even for larger bathrooms this is a good idea as it keeps in line with contemporary bathroom design sensibilities.In case you have tall ceilings, it helps to install the shower curtains at a higher height as it gives the bathroom a pleasant elongated feel.

  • Toilet

Of course we prefer to have a lot of space around the toilet, but this isn’t always a possibility with modern society’s problem of shrinking bathroom sizes. If you don’t mind changing your toilet, you can find new ones that are better designed and also occupy less space, leaving more floor area around them. EAGO makes some great looking and very functional toilets that will work for  any bathroom large or small. You might want to also consider a wall hung toilet as this shrinks the foot print of the toilet and opens up the space available.  If this is not an option, then try and clear floor space by removing floor items like scales, laundry hampers and trash cans. It goes without saying, that the more floor area you’re able to see and actually use, the better you’ll feel about your bathroom.

  • Vanity area

Small Bathroom VanityA crucial concern is the amount of area occupied by the sink, and the space left for manoeuvring around it, which is why this one scores high on small bathroom design ideas. We suggest that you consider the specific needs that you have for your sink. Do you need a lot of storage space for a variety of accessories and toiletries? You should use a small vanity with under counter cabinet doors, and within the cabinet, add shelves and drawers for better organization. You may even consider a pretty pedestal sink or else a wall mounted sink and decorative shelving underneath it. If there is no space for either, fret not, for there is still the option of sinks that are designed to fit in the corners of your bathroom. This type of sink has a 90 degree back and nestles snugly between your bathroom walls so that you’re left with maximum bathroom floor space.

  • Lighting

We find that darker colors mostly make a bathroom appear smaller, whereas lighter colors can give the room a feel of being larger. But there’s nothing like the luxury of having natural light pour directly into your bathroom which makes it feel way bigger. We would recommend for you to invest in quality lighting that mimics the neutral and sunny tones of natural light which will give your bathroom a warm and inviting feel, or at least replace your light bulbs with those that give a warmer glow. Professionally done up small bathroom design pictures are usually taken under this sort of lighting.An interesting point is that your light bulbs will play a big role in how you view yourself in your mirror. And obviously, you’re going to hate using your bathroom if you don’t like how you appear in the mirror there!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it has helped fire up your imagination about the options you have for designing your small bathroom. Just because your bathroom is low on area that doesn’t mean it can’t be shaped into a cozy little space for you and your family. All you need is a little effort, and before you know it, your cramped tiny bathroom will turn into a pleasant little space that will put a smile on your face each morning.


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