Q & A: How Do I Use My Steam Bath For The First Time

So, you’ve taken the plunge (so to speak) and purchased your very own steam shower. Perhaps you’ve opted for a pre-fabricated, modular type that’s ready to use as soon as the pieces are properly secured and sealed. Or, perhaps you’ve splurged on a complete custom steam room. Whichever course you’ve followed, you can now have a personal spa experience any time you feel like it.

Even though you have the user instructions that came with the steam shower unit, and advice from either our support technicians or your own contractor, you may be wondering how exactly you should use your steam shower for the first time.

Best tips for getting most enjoyment out of steam shower.

Begin by ensuring that your body temperature is at room temperature or cooler. Then, turn on the steam function. Sit back on the bench and soak up the warm steam for no more than 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can cool off by stepping out of the steam shower unit. Or, you can stand under the cool spray of the water. The key to enjoying the whole experience is to move gradually from one step to the other. Don’t shock your system by jumping into hot steam or standing under cold water at the end.

combo steam shower and bathtub

Did you opt for a combination steam shower-whirlpool tub? Lucky you! You have the option of switching at will between a relaxing steam shower and soaking in a luxury steam bath. As with the steam shower, make sure your body is not already too warm before slipping into the whirlpool tub. The key is to always make sure that you don’t overtax your circulation. “Used properly, a steam bath will help to overcome the stresses of everyday life, to relax and recover, and to gain new strength and improve general physical and mental well being” .

Do you have questions about how to use your steam shower or whirlpool tub? Ask us!

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  1. I have an Ariel Steam shower which is in a house I just purchased.I am unable to get hot water only cold. Do you have a thermostatic mixing valve to replace it. Is it best to call your 1-888- number to get a part.

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