How to Prepare for Bathroom Remodeling

How to Prepare for Bathroom Remodeling

Getting your bathroom remodeled can be a tiresome job especially as it involves wiring and plumbing aspects. When electricians, plumber and subcontractors are involved in a single project, it becomes quite complicated. Some of the steps are mentioned below for preparation of bathroom remodeling. However, there are certain concepts which you can always share with your contractor to help him with the project design. Consult the contractor for giving shape to your ideas as only he can best explain your bathroom requirements and work accordingly.

 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Well-Planned Renovation Results in Great Bathroom Décor


Preparation Steps for Bathroom Remodeling:

Traffic Flow- Arrange for the contractor and his team to park their automobiles. Make sure his access path is kept free from obstacles. Place old carpets or rugs on the floor of their access path to keep your floor safe and secured.

Emptying the Bathroom- All those objects that are movable in nature should be removed prior to the initiation of the project. Few of the things that you would need to shift away include:

  • Sink & Base- Candles, soaps and other toiletries that you keep on top of the counter tops should all be shifted away. Also, those items that you keep below the sink should be removed for the plumbing requirements.
  • Toilet Cover- Covers and items on the toilet’s back portion also need to be shifted.
  • Shower & Bathtub- Razors, shampoos, soaps and toy like ‘rubber ducks’ should be dumped away temporarily.
  • Walls- If your renovation process includes walls you should get rid of the towel racks and other wall hangings. Shift away the ‘medicine cabinet’ too if you have one.
  • Floor- All those items strewn on the floor like dustbins, mats, weighing scale or magazines must all be taken out of the bathroom.

DIY Preparation:

If you have earlier experience in DIY projects and have consulted with your contractor you can work on a few aspects, taking the work a little forward. It will not only help you make financial savings but will also help the contractors with the process.

  • Cutting Down Water Access– Generally during renovation contractors need to redirect the water access and tear down the fixtures. For this, the water line needs to be blocked first. It is very simple to stop water supply to the bathroom and best to do-it-yourself so that the contractor’s time is saved.
  • Tile Removal– Those bathroom floorings covered with linoleum or tile can be easily removed. It saves both labor charges and time for you and the contractor. However, refer to bathroom professional before you start with this work.
  • Doors for Showers– Ripping the shower curtains and doors down before the project start will accelerate the process for the contractors and cut down on the labor charges.


After all your preparations are over and your finances secured for the project you need to fold your hands and allow the professional contractors to get on with their job. The ideas mentioned above will help you to get started with the bathroom remodeling project as they even make it easier for contractors to follow what exactly is on your mind, giving satisfaction to both the parties. However, you will need to be in control of the prep process. Let the contractors do their bit without any disturbance as their professional experience dictates their working.

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