New Year, New Bathroom

Well, maybe not a completely new bathroom! Continue reading below for some tips on how you can achieve a new look for your bathroom to start this new year off right.

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Combinations of natural materials to create something new and exciting
Well, first – keep in mind that 2017 is going to be marked by the return to the organic to the natural and the unalterable search of new and functional. So when it comes to a bathroom design the direction will be: super clean colors, seamless lines and practical and simple arrangement of spaces but with the dash of organic coziness and elegance. So let your imagination and creativity flow and turn the functionality of the bathroom into a play of art – a contemporary creation of style. Here are some directions that may help. Source: Interiorzine

Look on the bright side
Brighten up your bath with improved lighting. Side lights, like those shown here, will illuminate your vanity tasks better than bath bars above the mirror. Adding natural light with skylights and windows is great for your bathroom (and your psyche). Toe-kick lighting can serve as night light.
Consider every option to make your bathroom brighter for a better new year. Source: Houzz

Get it super clean
Like, use all the tricks in the book to make your floor and tile grout look like the day it was installed. Shine your stainless steel with abandon. Wash the walls if you can’t paint. Cut the grime on the door, door knobs and light switches. Don’t forget the baseboards. Use scrubbing power and the best cleaning tips to clean spots and stains you didn’t think were powerful. It’ll feel like an almost brand new space! Source: ApartmentTherapy

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