Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

Have you ever wanted a bigger bathroom but don’t have a budget to make a major renovation such as adding more square footage? Then check out below on how you can make your small space appear much bigger with just a few simple tricks.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Contrast is good, but not when you’re shooting for the illusion of extra space. According to many interior designers, contrasting colors can break up a room making it look smaller. Try to do the following to boost your visual square inches:

  • Paint your ceiling the same or a similar color as your walls.
  • Blend your shower wall colors to your wall.
  • If color transitions are needed, make it as smooth and clean as possible. Source: PostCrescent

Let Light Inside
The darker a small bathroom is the more cramped and uninviting it will feel. Small bathrooms look best with large and uncovered windows (if privacy is an issue, you can use ‘frosting sprays’); but the lack of such can easily be compensated with freestanding fixtures to drive shadows back. Bulbs, however, should produce soft light, unlike strong yellow-orange beams suitable for other types of rooms. Source: ImpressiveInteriorDesign

Use Mirrors Strategically
We all know that mirrors are only as good as what they reflect. One great idea is to place mirrors across from a window within the room. Doing so will make it visually seem like you have two windows in the same space! Source: CarlaAston

Be Clear (When It Comes to Glass)
Many people choose an opaque shower door to add a sense of privacy, but doing so can also chop your space in half, divvying the bathroom up into a shower space and a sink area. A clear glass door opens up the bathroom, making it feel like one big room explains Plaskoff. (In most cases, you’re alone in the bathroom, anyway, so the opacity isn’t all that necessary.) Source: Oprah

Cut Out the Small Accessories
There’s nothing like clutter to make a small space feel even smaller.
Pare down on towels and use just one large floor rug. Select one piece of art instead of lots of small pieces. Use one decorative accessory instead of lots of small ones. Store whatever else you really need out of sight. Source: AboutHome

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