How to Survive Your Bathroom Renovation

How to Survive Your Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom renovation projects are dreaded by many homeowners. The potential for expense, plus the possibility of a long project duration during which time it is less convenient to use the bathroom, cause stress for many people. But don’t let the thought of a bathroom remodel put you off. There are many ways you can make the experience much less stressful, without compromising on quality or style. Here’s how to survive a bathroom makeover without any hassle.

  1. Choose the Right Contractor

Unless you are experienced in DIY and building projects, it is probably best if you leave renovations and changing bathroom fittings, showers, and baths to the experts. You need to know about plumbing and have the experience needed to manage a change in the location of these bathroom fittings. Unless you are simply painting walls, or changing taps, major bathroom renovations are better handled by professionals. And make sure you choose the right contractor – the best are not necessarily the cheapest, although you do still want to get a good deal on the people who work for you.

  1. Understand What You Want to Change

Make sure you know what you want to alter and what you want to stay the same before starting on the project. Be clear about the reasons for the renovation before you get stuck into the actual project. Do you want to create more space? Get more light? Or simply replace an old shower with a new model? Being clear on what you want to change and what will stay the same will help you set a budget and work out the timeline of the project. It may be that the changes you want to make are reasonably light and cosmetic, and that you can do them without having to cause significant disruption to the family.


  1. Focus on Functionality

It is important that the renovation tackle issues of functionality so you are left with a space that truly works for your family, and this can make it easier to live with the temporary inconvenience of a remodel. When you know that you will have a bathroom that is easier to live with you will be able to bear the loss of a shower for a few weeks.

  1. Shop Around for Fixtures

Shower Cubicles, bathtubs, toilets and even things like bath mats and shelves can bring up the cost of the project, or bring it down if you choose wisely. Take a look at what’s on offer so you can be sure you are buying the best items to meet your budget limits. You may want to splurge on one fantastic shower cubicle and save on basic items, or look for the budget option for all fittings. With the amount of choice available today, there are options for every budget.


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