How to Pick the Best Shower Head


Shower heads come in various shapes and forms. They are also used for different kinds of showering. This is not to mention the fact that they are numerous by reason of being manufactured by many players.


For these reasons, great care and caution have to be exercised while searching for the right shower head. This can only be achieved if several factors are considered. These form the gist of the conversations that follow hereunder:


Type of Shower head

  • There are three main kinds of shower heads namely fixed, hand-held, and hand showers, respectively. The fixed types are permanently mounted on the walls.

LED Shower Head

  • The hand-held types are equipped with a flexible hose or tube. They grant you the freedom to move around and about the bathroom while showering. The hand showers, on the other hand, are 2-in-1 in the sense that they combine both features of the fixed and the hand showers at the same time.


  • The last type is by far the best of the three. This is because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of the remaining two at a time. It is, however, more expensive.


Water Discharge Rates

  • This refers to the amount of water that the shower head is capable of discharging per unit time. It is designated gpm which stands for gallons per minute. A good shower head under this consideration ought to be moderate (from 1 gpm-2.5 gpm). This is to assure you of great showering experience while not subjecting you to hefty utility bills.


Spray Pattern

  • In which way does the shower eject water? Shower heads can eject water in the following main ways: pulse, jet, rain, mist, massage, or aeration respectively.


  • Luxury-rain-shower-head

    Luxury Rain Shower Head

    Quite a number can also eject water in all or a combination of any two or more of the said patterns. It is therefore in your best interest to ascertain your desired pattern after which you are to acquire that shower head that is well able to meet that need.


  • Just in case your search for the right shower head is dictated by the need to fulfill some therapeutic needs or value, the massaging shower head is by all means strongly recommended.


Energy Consumption

  • Most modern shower heads require electrical energy to operate. This is mainly because they have some intelligent features that are not found in ordinary showerheads. These include the ability to eject water at a predefined pressure level and flow rate.


  • That notwithstanding, a good shower head has to consume moderate quantities of electrical energy. This, of course, is to spare you from the need to pay hefty electricity/utility bills. While searching for the right shower head, be sure to check the flow rate and pressure rating since these two determine the electricity consumption rates.


Material Construction

  • The kinds of materials that are used to make up the shower head determine how long and how frequent you may utilize the shower head. In case you plan to use the shower head regularly or for a prolonged duration of time, you must choose a durable shower head. Hard plastics, solid brass, and stainless steel have proven to be strong, durable, and reliable in the long-run. You should consider giving them the shower heads that are manufactured by them a top most priority.



  • Apart from the material construction, the finishes that are used to adorn the exterior surfaces of the shower heads also matter. They do so for the same reasons as those of the material construction. The oil-rubbed bronze, brushed or polished chrome, brushed or polished nickel, Copper, polished or antique brass, white, and off-white, are some of the most reliable finishes. You should look up to them in your search for the right shower head.



  • Control features are those that you use to vary and determine the various aspects of the shower. These include the temperature, flow rate, pressure, and direction of water flow, among others. A good shower head ought to be less sophisticated to control. This is to spare you from the likelihood of grappling with unnecessary hassles while showering.


Of course, there are several other actors that equally matter. Due to the limited time and space at our disposal, we just could not exhaust all of them. We, therefore, urge you to consider digging deeper in order to familiarize yourself with them.


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