How To Budget Bathroom Makeover

One can think of numerous reasons to give the bathroom a makeover. It could be dissatisfaction with the current design, excess budget, wear and tear or others. With all these reasons, there are also just as many reasons not to spend tremendous resources on such an endeavour. Thankfully, there are lots of ways one can renovate the bathroom without spending too much. Whether you are looking to introduce new bathroom fixtures or simply want to utilize some free bathroom space, you have plenty of low-cost options available. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your bathroom makeover budget.


Prioritize Cleaning the Bathroom

If you are planning on doing a bathroom makeover, it would help to clean it properly first. Not just a simple cleaning too. It will need to be a full and thorough sweep of the entire room from the woodwork to the walls and even the ceiling. Likewise, the taps, handles, towel bars and door knobs will need a good polish. Restoring them back to their old glossy look will really freshen up the room and make it seem newer than it was.


Have a Central Theme

As you have already established that breaking the bank is a big no-no, it is important to have the makeover focus on something. A central theme will help you focus all your colours, designs and accessory purchases.


Use Colour

Most bathrooms are bland with just white fixtures, tiles and even paint. Consider investing in paint or even moisture-resistant wallpapers. These will definitely bring your bathroom up to modern standards and will also give it a striking appeal.


Feature walls are pretty common nowadays. This refers to a single side of the wall that is plastered with wallpaper while the rest of the room is painted. Of course, the wallpaper design and paint colours will need to complement one another. Otherwise, it would look dismal.

Aside from the bathroom itself, you can also add a touch of colour to the furniture. If your shower screen is patterned in a certain way, why not paint the bathroom cabinet the same. Likewise, you can also implement the pattern on the walls and strategic locations to give it a fluid appearance.


Finishing Touches

If you find that the paintwork is already sufficient, consider checking up on everything else. The tiles, for example, will need to be checked. If there are chipped or broken ones, we hope you have spares in place. Otherwise, consider purchasing new ones of the same design or using tile paint to compensate for the broken ones. Also, if there is too much work to be done, you might want to just cover the entire thing with ceramic tiles. If the tiles are in good shape you might want to just remove the old grout and re grout the tiles, giving it a newly laid tile appearance.

As for the walls, small touches on the blank spaces would really help a lot. Things like art work, photo frames or some postcards would adorn it nicely. You can also use the spaces for functional furniture like soap dishes, toilet paper holders and towel racks.

By applying these few simple techniques you can transform your bathroom for very little money and bring it back to life.


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