Granite Worktops – 4 Frequently Asked Questions

granite countertops for kitchens and bathrooms

Which country produces the best granite for worktops?


The simple answer is – none. There is no single country which produces better quality granite than others. In theory, granite is granite, no matter where it is mined. However, there are also some granite-like worktops available which are not pure granite but look like it and actually perform better.

One thing to look for is any worktops touted as being ‘black granite’ as many of these have been subjected to a dying process, which once it wears off leaves a blotchy and less than appealing finish.

Check the edges for any signs of ‘dripping’ similar to paint drips. You could also apply the ‘lemon juice test’ which shows up ‘etching’ marks – indicating the granite has been doctored in some way.

Why are granite worktops so expensive?

While in the past this may have been true. Nowadays, the price of granite worktops is actually falling. The UK granite industry has all but disappeared, as new sources such as China and India have come on line.

It’s not that granite is more expensive than other stone – it’s the cost of mining it, a labour-intensive process, which affects the price. As labour in these countries is considerably cheaper than in Europe and the USA, granite is actually enjoying a resurgence as a value-for-money option for worktops.

Why is some granite more expensive than others?

It’s the law of supply and demand as much as anything else. Some granite is mined from extremely vast deposits on a large scale. Other granite is mined from smaller deposits on a smaller scale and therefore extraction costs are higher.

What’s more, certain grades and colours of granite are scarcer than others which can also affect the supply and final price to the consumer. Just as with other products, something which is less readily available normally has a premium price tag attached to it.

Which are the cheapest granite worktops?

When comparison shopping for granite of the same specification (colour, size, and quality) you’ll normally find the best deals provided by either large scale wholesalers which are able to discount prices based on volume purchasing or alternatively by specialist granite worktop suppliers who provide installation services as part of the service they provide.

Each additional factor introduces a price variable, such as size, grade, difficulty of installation and any special treatments the granite undergoes before being installed. Make sure to compare like for like and don’t simply be tempted by the cheapest cost per square metre.

Poor installation can leave you with a finish which is less than expected in terms of quality and visual appeal. When it comes to granite worktops it pays to invest in quality – of the granite and its installation.


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