Is it good to Use Wood in Bathroom?

Using Wood in the Bathroom

One of the top trends for 2016 bathroom design is wood. Wood in the bathroom is not necessarily a new idea, but for 2016, wood will no longer take a backseat in the bathroom design, and instead it will be a major component in the contemporary bathroom space. Designs range from ninety percent wood that covers the appliances in addition to walls, floors, and ceiling, to a minimal amount of wood that only covers small sections here or there. Traditionally, bathrooms with a wood-theme are normally rustic and country-themed, often giving them a more antique appearance. However, the contemporary wood bathroom does not have an old-style design, but rather uses the wood to enhance the quality of the space and create a luxurious and sauna-like feel to the whole bathroom, giving wood a whole new meaning with the modern edge. We’ll discuss some of the trends and possible design options in the details below.

Max It Out
One of the quickly emerging design trends to feature a bathroom completely surrounded by wood fixtures, including the flooring, walls, and ceiling. Now, we know you might be wondering how this could ever work, but if done right, it’s not such a bad idea and it can give your bathroom an exotic, yet contemporary look. This contemporary design features wood floors with selective wood walls. There is a lovely wood bench by the tub, and the tub also features plated wood on the surface to flawlessly integrate with the rest of the bathroom.

USe of Wood in Bathroom       Photo Credit: coswick

For a slightly more rustic look, this bathroom features two solid walls with wood drawers surrounding the small floating vanity, as well. The hanging light fixtures also add to the rustic feature of this bathroom design, and give it a classy, sophisticated experience. The other half of the wall is white, which allows for the bathroom to seem bigger than it actually is.

Rustic wood bathroomPhoto Credit: dovcorbathrooms

This lovely bathroom blends the old with the new, with an even-toned wood color that is slightly between the first two. With a cream-colored laminate floor and white bathtub, the viewer’s eyes are immediately directed to the beautiful woof fixtures within the bathroom. The walls are made from wood, as is the ceiling and the floating vanity. The tubular lighting and swinging towel rack give this bathroom a modern rustic feel and complement the wood design.

using wood in bathroom for rustic lookPhoto Credit: Pop Home Décor

Another example of a full-bodied wooded bathroom is this small contemporary design that is fully wood aside from the white tub interior and the vanity countertop. Even the mirror is nearly invisible at first glance, because it simply reflects the wood from the barnyard door interest. This bathroom is also very minimalistic, creating small, nearly sightless hooks in the bathroom for towels, a clear shower curtain, and using only a single, undecorated light bulb for artificial lighting. The sunroof above the shower provides enough light during the day that it doesn’t seem like more intricate lighting is really necessary. Even the tub/shower features only a small, single floating shelf to house the toiletries, leaving the rest of the room to show off.

Wood walls in bathroomPhoto Credit: Freshome

This conceptual bathroom design features a sleek, contemporary look with extravagance in its spacious layout. Aside from the dividing wall that goes to the shower, this bathroom is almost completely solid wood from the floors and ceiling to the fountain-like whirlpool tub. The greys and browns work very well together, making this bathroom an ideal fit for the modern home.

fresh outdoor feel in bathroom using woodPhoto Credit: Trendir

Finally, this bathroom does adhere to more of a rustic feel, but we couldn’t help but include it because we just like the design so much. Not only does this bathroom feature a full-wooded design, but it we really love the loft-style for the bathroom. The hanging light bulbs, washtub towel holder, vessel sink, and towel stand all work together to give this bathroom a homey, country vibe.

using reclaimed wood in bathroomPhoto Credit: DigsDigs

Subtle Undertones
Think an all-wood bathroom is just a little too much for your design ideas? Not a problem. There are still plenty of ways to incorporate wood design sparingly within your bathroom if that’s something you might be interested in doing. Below, is a list of subtle wood designs that we thought were effective, yet not overbearing.

This simple design incorporates a slab of wood for the minimalistic, yet aesthetically pleasing floating vanity. It adds to the trend of wood in the bathroom, but isn’t overly excessive and gets the point across without going overboard.

tree slab vanity topPhoto Credit: Houzz

This bathroom features a solid wood floor and includes a matching vanity sink and tub design that is sand-colored and meant to accentuate the wood floor. The bathroom looks trendy and definitely the wood feature, without letting the wood take over.

wood flooring in bathroomPhoto Credit: BlogRollCenter

Finally, this lovely modern bathroom features wood in its eloquent design, and it is beautiful incorporated to the pristine, white design with marble tile. This bathroom design does a great job of maximizing the 2016 emphasis on wood in the bathroom, and the outcome is stunning.

using wood accents in bathroomPhoto Credit: Houzz

We hope these designs have given you an example of what the contemporary wood bathroom is all about. What are your thoughts? Is the wood design something that you would consider incorporating into your bathroom remodel, or do you think it should be kept for the more rustic and eccentric designs?


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