Flooring Ideas for Bathrooms

Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom – a place in the house where you can be all by yourself. Get ready in the mornings for unending running around during the day only to come back to its solitary comfort to relax and rejuvenate for a good night’s sleep. If just the very space can make so much of a difference, then why not have one with elements that make the time spent there even better!

There are many ways of beautifying a bath space, but the one, ignored often is flooring. Flooring is one of those indispensable design elements that can actually make or break the entire look and feel of a room. Not just going in with what’s currently the hot favorite, but giving a thought to what you want, following an envisioned pattern is primary. Considering this before a bathroom improvement project or remodeling can not just save you from discomfort and regret later but also result in a good resale value.

If you are planning on revamping your bath space or, have just bought a property to be built from scratch, which will house your dream bathroom, then you have probably landed at the right place. Read right on as EagoParts brings to you a list of flooring options for your bathroom.

Tile Variants – If you are always hard-pressed for time yet can never compromise on cleanliness then getting your bathroom floor tiled is the best you can do. With the market flooded with various options like ceramic, porcelain, heated, vinyl and natural stone variants, tiles come in a variety of colors and textures. Though tiles are very visually appealing and can light up bathrooms with their slightest color play, avoid installing the ones with a high-gloss quotient and an ultra-smooth finish to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

Laminate – If you are fond of the warmth and timeless beauty, a hardwood floor exudes but do not want to bear the burden of high maintenance, installation and purchase costs then the synthetic multi-layer laminate alternative is what you might be interested in. Though lacking the essence of original wood, laminate flooring is enough to satiate your desire for a wooden looking floor. Laminate floors are easy to clean, more durable and resistant to moisture.

Sheet Vinyl – Perfect option for cost-effective as well as low-maintenance flooring. Also with superior moisture-resistance qualities, vinyl flooring seems to fit the bill as a suitable bathroom surface. And the best part is you can walk over it barefoot without getting shocked into the numbing coldness.

We, at EagoParts, always strive to ensure that people looking to remodel their existing kitchens and bathrooms, apart from installing fixtures, should be able to find ideas and suggestions at the click of a button. This is the reason we touch upon topics that very well complement the products sold by us. We hope that the information given is of help and would love to hear about your preferences regarding bath flooring.

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