Our Steam Showers, Whirlpool bathtubs carry a 5 year Warranty and are Certified for CANADA AND USA ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING Standards. Far Infrared Saunas carry a Lifetime warranty on all components. So you can shop with the peace of mind that your product is Certified, safe and will last for years to come. We feel it is important not just to provide a product at a reasonable price but to make sure it has value and quality that will last a lifetime. When you compare the products we sell to those found from various US suppliers the products you receive from us will be guaranteed to be certified to Canadian Electrical and Plumbing standards found across Canada.

We also supply the best product with the most features such as Large 6kw steam generators and thermostatic faucets which are a factory upgrade but we include them as standard on all products we sell.

Alot of US suppliers even though they sell a product from the same manufacturer with the same model number they often purchase a different version from the factory that is not CSA approved for Canada… All products supplied by EagoParts.com are guaranteed to be properly certified for Canada and US.

When you purchase products from US suppliers beware that the prices quoted to you do not include Customs and Brokerage costs which are not included in shipping costs even when they say free shipping. Typically customs and brokerage costs will be approx $400-$500 per Shower, Bathtub or Sauna. As well by buying Canadian you will get better after sale support as we are factory trained in the products we sell and are experienced in all details of our products. Most online Retailers know very little about what they sell. And most do not have access to parts easily. We carry on hand a full line of after service parts for all bathroom products that we carry.

When you compare apples to apples and product for product what you get from EagoParts.com and other suppliers there is no doubt you get a better product and better after sales service that can be depended on…. we do not make false promises just to get your business. We want to win your business over and over again by keeping our customers and clients happy year after year.