Decorative Faucets for your bathroom

The bathroom faucet is quite an important bathroom accessory for its size. One may think that such a small accessory would not have any impact on the design and look of the bathroom. On the contrary, it does! It is quite the opposite as a carefully chosen bathroom faucet will uplift the entire design of the bathroom and can really make or break the look and feel of your bathroom. Remember beauty lies in the small details !

There are various types of bathroom faucets available in the market, from the simplistic ones to decorative faucets, . The bathroom faucet has an important function in the bathroom and living without it is nearly impossible, so it is essential that the faucet that you choose is well-crafted from high quality material. Making sure that the faucet is of excellent quality is just as important as choosing a good design. Before you step out, armed with designs in your mind, know the various kinds of faucets available.

Single Hole Bathroom Faucet:
A single hole faucet is one that combines both the spout and the handle and requires only one plumbing hole. For smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, this kind of faucet would work best.

Center-set Bathroom Faucet:
These are the most commonly used bathroom faucets in the market today. Made to fit the standard 3-hole sinks where each hole is made at a distance of 4”, the center-set bathroom faucet comes with both a single or with 2 levers and one spout, all in one unit.

Wide spread Bathroom Faucet:
This type of bathroom faucet comes with separate handles and spout, requiring more room on the sink. So if you decide to go for this kind, make sure your sink is big enough to accommodate it. The plumbing holes are farther apart from each other in the widespread faucet, usually 4-10 inches; which means 3 separate fittings will be made for this bathroom faucet. This bathroom faucet lends an old world charm to the bathroom and will match a vintage-themed bathroom perfectly.

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet:
Installed in the wall above the sink, wall mount bathroom faucets give a very stylish appeal to the bathroom and work best with free-standing or pedestal sinks. Although the installation can get a bit tricky, the end product looks beautiful and is worth it!

The faucets in a bathroom are a star accessory that can scale up your bathroom’s interior immensely or at least contribute to its look.. So don’t be hasty when choosing this bath fixture. Now that you know what are the major types of faucets available for a bathroom, you can choose better and have your baths look amazing. If you want a classic look, go for wide-spread bathroom faucets in antique designs that will complete the vintage look of any bathroom.


If you plan to give your bathroom a modern, minimalistic design then we would suggest the new-age wall mount faucet, like the one below:


You can choose between getting a single lever or two levers, again depending upon the design and architecture of your bathroom.








Once you have the designs, you can choose from different finishes as well. For an antique look, go for oil rubbed bronze finish. Brushed nickel finishes go well with both traditional and modern style bathrooms. Go for chrome or polished chrome finish if you want to create a total contemporary look.

While different finishes of faucets come and go from rubbed bronze, brushed nickel , gold finish, it is the chrome finish that is the tried and true finish that stands the test of time… it is always elegant and classic and best resists water spots and is easy to clean.


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