Creative Ideas on How to Improve Your Bathroom


Reviving your old bathroom does not mean you have to perform total overhaul. You can add style and character by simply changing a few things and refurbishing some areas. A little creativity and a twist will enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom and also add new features that will make it better. Here is a compilation of some ideas you can get inspiration from that will help you to improve your bathroom.

Coordinate organic accents

A bathroom contains a lot of porcelain and ceramic surfaces, so you can make it feel more personal by adding more coordinated organic accents. Organic colors will create a natural feel, and this can be done by replacing a few things like getting a wood stool, a woven basket, fringed towels or a kilim-style rug.


However, while installing wooden parts, check that they are not placed at points where water would splash on them all the time as this could reduce their lifetime. After all, you don’t want to keep refurbishing the bathroom every few months because the whole process costs money. For design tips and tools, you can borrow ideas from house tipster so as to match the design process with the right materials.

Install shapely tiles

Changing the look of your bathroom also takes a bit of experimentation. You can forego the typical tiny tiles for a design made with a little more heft. This can work perfectly with crisp white walls and beautiful cabinetry. The advantage of choosing curvy tiles is that they add a warm feel and they look rich.

Choose a harmonious color palette

One of the things you can easily play with to create a beautiful finish cheaply is color. The bathroom is sensitive when it comes to colors and you have to be creative in this case. Come up with a striking monochromatic effect by ensuring the walls are painted to match the texture and color of the floors. Many people prefer white, but you can also try out other colors with the exception of dark shades.

Elegant lighting


You could turn your ceiling to a focal point by installing elegant lighting. A medallion and a hanging fixture with crystal teardrops will add a dramatic twist to the ceiling and also impact the lighting across the entire space. However, while installing hanging lights, check that there is at least 8 feet left for clearance.

Wall-mount cabinet

It’s a good idea to also conceal toiletries in a creatively designed wall-mount cabinet. The benefit of such a fixture is that it will not eat up floor space. Just ensure to match the texture of the material to the theme of the bathroom or the floor in particular.


Refurbishing your bathroom does not have to always cost you much or take a lot of time. There are many creative ways through which you can improve the look of your bathroom. Even simple fixes like repainting surfaces with a matching color palette could do wonders. Do something about lighting and consider adding organic accents for the floor and other surfaces like walls and cabinets.


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