Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink

Top mount or undermount sinks? Wall-mount or pedestal sinks?  There is a lot of choice out there and we’ll try to break it down for you.

Before you head out the door to get that new sink  you need to consider which bathroom (master en suite, family bathroom, powder room), who is going to use the bathroom more often and the size of the space you. You might not have the space in your powder room for a double sink but you might in your master bedroom bathroom.vessel sink

Top-mount sink – is the most common sink and sits in the bathroom cabinet with the rim visible. It works best in a minimalist design scheme. It can be used with any countertop material and is also less costly to install in a stone countertop, because you avoid having to polish the cutout edges, as is the case with an undermount sink.  Unfortunately you can’t wipe any spills into the sink because of the rim.

Undermount sink –  is installed underneath the counter with the rim flush with the countertop instead of sitting on top of it. Its clean look makes it a great fit for a high traffic family bathroom. You can clean up water spills easily but it is a more costly alternative requiring it to be installed to a stone or solid surface countertop material.

The advantage of a wall-mounted sink is that it doesn’t have any cabinets below it. Not only do you save on space but it makes the room look larger than it is. All of the plumbing must be located in the wall, there isn’t any storage space and excess water usually spills onto the floor. Ideal for the powder room; where storage isn’t a priority.

Suitable for a classic or a period oriented design, a pedestal sink hides the plumbing but the lack of any storage space under the sink or any counter space around it might not be suitable for a family bathroom.

A semi-recessed sink is the perfect alternative because it’s installed on the cabinet; providing you Semi mount square sink

If you want a statement piece a vessel sink that sits completely on top of the countertop might be the sink for you. It holds more water than most sinks but because it is higher than most other types of sinks it can be uncomfortable to use and difficult to clean.





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