Buying A Steam Shower? Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes!


help with choosing a steam shower to buy

Ah yes, the life of luxury. That’s where it’s at! All you need is your very own steam shower – complete with aromatherapy dispenser and chroma lights. (Because, if you’re going to buy a steam shower, why not go all out, right?)

But, before you get to the part where you relax in your steam shower, you’re going to need to know something super important. There are 3 mistakes that can end up costing you a lot of money. Do your research now. Save some headaches and possibly money later.

  1. Measure, measure, measure. Believe it or not, many of us think we know how large our bathrooms are. We walk into a store and buy a steam shower only to discover that it’s an inch or more too large for the space. Looks can be deceiving. But so can tape measures. Give us a call, and we’ll help you figure out exactly how to ensure that your steam shower will fit along with any electrical and plumbing needs that factor in. The delays and extra work can end up adding thousands of dollars to your budget
  2. Know thyself. There really are a whole lot of different kinds of steam showers available to you. Consider whether you want it to include a whirlpool tub with a combo steam shower and bathtub. Do you want it to accommodate two people? How about accessories, like Bluetooth? Will pets or children use it, too? Once you start looking at all the possibilities, it really is easy to get carried away! Start with a firm budget. Then determine who will be using and how often. Talk with one of our experts to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.
  3. Running hot or cold. Does your existing shower valve protect you from water temperature extremes? You’ll know the answer if you’ve ever turned on the spray only to be met with ice cold or scalding hot water. If you are building your own tiled shower to Make sure you ask the plumber to install a thermostatic valve. That little device will automatically mix hot and cold until the water is the perfect temperature. All steam showers sold at EagoParts come standard with thermostatic control valve.

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  1. Hello Eago,
    Would you have a diverter valve cartridge for part replacement?
    Model Ariel DZ934f3, just the diverter stem itself. Thank you for your help.

    • The factory does not have a replacement cartridge for the Diverter valve. Your only option is to replace the complete valve set. We do carry the complete valve set on our website.

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