Best Infrared Sauna Heater Performance

Sauna Studies and Health Benefits

Coming into 2016, our goal for the New Year is to be an uplifting platform for fitness and health. This passion is the driving force behind Beauty Saunas state of the art ceramic Infrared Heaters. While far infrared heat will transform your health, it is our infrared heaters that will maintain it.

Far infrared heat is the only wavelength that has been proven to be effective on the human body. In order to guarantee a truly enriching experience, our team has thoughtfully engineered our saunas to yield optimal results in every aspect of one’s health and comfort.

The basis for any effective infrared sauna is its heating source. While there are many types of infrared heat available, there are optimal ranges in which you get the best benefits in a safe way. Keeping this in mind, we have tested our heaters to find the proper far infrared Heater Face Temperature that will be able to absorb evenly and deeper into the skins surface. Our heaters are the only UL-Recognized heater in the world that is proven to be more effective and durable than any in the industry.

Our unique heaters have been designed to produce steady wavelengths while minimizing loss of heat. Emitting heat evenly throughout the body, allows our saunas to address multiple health related ailments such as muscle tension to blood circulation, simultaneously, all while using less energy.
What you receive is an efficient and environmentally conscious experience. Use less energy and a lower temperature to achieve maximum results. Made of 100% FSC certified  Canadian Hemlock wood, the performance and durability is unmatched. Beauty Saunas continues to provide superior products engineered for performance with restorative benefits for the whole family. Visit our far infrared Sauna collection to see which one is right for you.


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