Bathroom Vanity Storage and Organization

Even the largest of bathrooms can become cramped and crowded with frequent use. You never really think about how many things you keep in the bathroom until your forced to clean it out or you go to store something away and realize there’s no more room left. The tricky thing about adding more storage space to your bathroom is getting that additional space without simply adding to the clutter and taking up floor space in the process.  If you have a bathroom vanity that you already use for some of your storage needs, there are ways to add additional storage to your vanity without cluttering the rest of your bathroom by bringing in another bulky storage cabinet.

Install Cabinet Drawers
Have you ever noticed how much under-cabinet storage space is wasted in most vanities because of a lack of shelving? Most bathroom vanities have simply the bottom layer of the unit to serve as a shelf, but this leaves more than half the space above the vanity that goes unused. One way give yourself just a little extra space is to build in an extra shelf or to purchase stow-away shelving that can be used under the cabinet.

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Inner door Cabinet Storage
Another option for bathroom vanity storage space is to install storage racks to the backside of the vanity doors. If you still do not  have enough room under your cabinets to fit all your toiletries on, then consider  building or buying built-in shelves to the inside of the door that can hold all those small items that usually end up getting lost or scattered around the inside of your vanity.


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Invert the Medicine Cabinet
If you have a mirror or an exterior medicine cabinet above your bathroom vanity, consider resessing it into the wall behind the mirror to create a medicine cabinet or some sort of additional cabinet space. Having the additional cabinet space up and off the floor will keep the bathroom from feeling any more crowded than it already is, and can be a great place to store those small little knick knacks that never seem to have a real place.


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Depending on the size and structure of your bathroom, you may also be able to utilize floating shelves, over-the-toilet cabinets, or even an additional small stationary cabinet to help you get your bathroom more organized and clutter free. You may also re-evaluate what really needs to be stored in your bathroom, and transfer all nonessential items to the hallway closet or some other place where it might be more appropriate.

Part of having a luxury bathroom that you can really enjoy is all about removing clutter and eye sores. You want your bathroom space to look as clutter free as if it was never used, so that when you do use it, it feels like a special treat. When things get cluttered up or seem overcrowded, it tends to seem more mundane and creates a personal adherence to that particular space.

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