Bathroom Staging Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

It’s difficult to sell a home with dated bathrooms, but staging can help increase your chances. Here are some tips to remember before you set a date for an open house:

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Replace the vanity
Installing a new cabinet for the bathroom sink is money well spent. Ditch the one you’ve had for years, and seek out a solid cabinet rather than one made from less-than-attractive cheap materials like pressed particle board.

“A new vanity with clean lines can make a bathroom look 10 years newer,” Sitomer says. And if you have the space and budget, update the hamper (choose a good-quality basket) and add a small stool to hold pretty jars of bath salts. Source: Realtor

Make minor upgrades
Rather than spending many thousands completely renovating your bathroom, it’s much smarter to spend your money only where it will show and to make small, inexpensive upgrades that will create a large impact. As a general rule, improvements that can’t easily be seen don’t translate into a higher sale price.

The best bang-for-your-buck bathroom upgrades are: repainting the walls, replacing leaking and worn taps, updating the cabinet hardware, installing new light fittings and updating towel bars. Source: Houzz

Opt for a new toilet (or at least a newer looking one)
Make sure the toilet is clean. If the toilet seat looks well-worn or dirty, replace it. If the toilet itself appears to be dated, consider replacing it. A few hundred dollars invested in replacing your toilet could add many more times that value to the value of the house. Many buyers will also appreciate replacing an older toilet with a more efficient ultra-low flush toilet. This will save them money on their water bills and make your house a more desirable purchase. Source: Redfin

Upgrading your bathroom can help boost your home’s selling price. Pick up high-quality fixtures by calling us today!


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