Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Increase Value of your Home

There are certain places in your house that you need to remodel in order to get the appropriate sale value. You will surely be astonished by the enhancements caused by certain small modifications. It will not only increase the overall beauty of your house, but will also increase the value of your house by a great extent. The Bathroom is such a place, at our house which we regularly use, but which we forget to pay attention at regular intervals. In most of the cases, people are not aware of the benefits that bathroom remodeling can usher upon them. It is a fact that the most important area within a house that is considered for remodeling purpose after the kitchen is the bathroom. Therefore, here are certain ideas that can surely help you make the best of your bathroom while enjoying an increased price of your property –

1.       Wall and Floor Tiles

Tiles are the most common materials that are used to cover the walls and floor of a bathroom. With time, the tiles have received a touch of innovation and now, one can find various kinds of them in the market. Glazed ceramic tiles are more into the fashion that can cover up the wall area. These tiles are not only known to prevent mold, but also can withstand water splashes for a really long time. Decorative tiles are appropriate to cover up the upper wall. Light colored floor tiles are not only more visible in nature, but also provide your bathroom with a virtually larger look. So, if the space of the bathroom is one of your primary concerns, you should opt for larger 12 x 12  or 24 x 24 inch floor tiles that are light colored and should be placed diagonally to provide a more elegant look. Glass tiles make for a great looking back splash or if you are on a tight budget but still want a classy look opt for plain white subway tile.(2″x6″)

2.       Heated Floors

This can be one of the most innovative and comfortable additions in your bathroom. Each and every member in your family would definitely appreciate it. But, you should make the remodeling contractor aware about your plans regarding heated floor before the floor tiles are laid as this can not be an after thought. Such an option for sheer comfort can increase the value of your property in an unbelievable manner. It makes your home much warmer feel and all around more pleasant place to live as who likes to get out of a shower or tub and step onto a cold tile floor.

Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom Remodeling – The Simplest Way to Increase the Property Value

3.       Vanity

The latest range of vanity has acquired the ‘floating’ look that makes it look like it is not touching the floor. Either a floating wall hung vanity or a Vanity on legs will give an updated look to your bathroom. You can opt for the countertop from a wide range of option. Granite and marble are two of the most popular countertop ideas but for a bathroom a quartz countertop is recommended as it has the same look and feel as Granite and Mable but is more sanitary as it is not porous and will not require any sealing like the other counter materials will.

4.       Bathroom Fixtures: Toilets and Faucets

Sink and tub faucets are probably the most appropriate areas in a bathroom where you can start the remodeling works. Style has taken over the latest world of faucets and in exchange of a little cost, you can install sleek bamboo faucets and even Victorian faucets in your bathroom while enhancing the beauty. Dont overlook the little details like a simple faucet as it can make a big difference to the look or your bathroom. Also consider updating your bathroom with newer high efficiency  dual flush toilets that use alot less water  3/6 L flush. Especially models that are of one piece design and skirted around the base which makes for cleaner looking lines of the toilet but also an easy to clean toilet. These high effeciency dual flush toilets not only save you money on your water bill and look great but if you are changing the toilet from an older style single flush toilet that previously consumed alot of water you will likely qualify for Rebates of $50-$75 from your local municipality making them a great and cost effective addition to your bathroom. Consider models from EAGO they produce some of the nicest toilets and bathroom fixtures on the market today.

5.       Lights and Colors

Moisture resistant lights should definitely be installed in order to get rid of frequent changes of humidity. Moreover, the lights should be installed on the walls rather than overhead in order to increase the value. The 60-30-10 rule still dominates the international market when it comes to bathroom color. Use a dominant color to paint 60 percent of your bathroom, a secondary color for 30 percent, and an accent color for the rest 10 percent.


The above tips and ideas have been tried over years to remodel millions of bathrooms and every time, the result has just been astonishing. So, start remodeling your bathroom today to enjoy sheer elegance while increasing the sale value of your property. Summary: Bathroom is considered to be the second most important place for remodeling in a house only after the kitchen. It not only increases the beauty of your bathroom, but also boosts the sale price of your house.

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