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3 Ways to Avoid Bathroom Condensation

A constantly moist environment leads to growth of mold and mildew—health hazards that you don’t want anywhere near your home. Preventing the presence of condensation in your bathroom helps get rid of these dangers. Here’s how: Install an extractor fan We produce an average of one liter of water a day just by breathing. You […]

Every Small Bathroom Needs A Vanity

Vanity Design

When faced with a small bathroom, a vanity can seem like a necessary evil, especially when you want to add a steam shower and whirlpool tub. A vanity is necessary because all of those items, like razors, soap, hair clips …, need to be stored in the bathroom. The problem is that the vanity can often take up a […]

Bathroom Staging Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

It’s difficult to sell a home with dated bathrooms, but staging can help increase your chances. Here are some tips to remember before you set a date for an open house: Replace the vanity Installing a new cabinet for the bathroom sink is money well spent. Ditch the one you’ve had for years, and seek […]

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling your bathroom to make it look more up-to-date can be expensive. If you want to get top-of-the-line fixtures, you should try to save on the other aspects of your project.  Keep reading to learn more: Keep original plumbing layout Moving plumbing is second only to bumping out walls when it comes to incurring costs.  […]

Things You Need To Know Before a Bathroom Remodel

Renovations are always exciting. Yes, you might have to spend a lot. But if the work is excellently done, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Remember to take note of the following things before you proceed on your project. Consider these master bath must-haves Sharing with your sweetie is simpler when you’ve made space […]