Amazing Basement Remodeling Ideas


The basement is often the largest but most underused space in the home. Piling it up with storage boxes and old electronics means missing out on a great opportunity to expand your home’s living space. Basement remodeling will not only add more space to your home, it could also boost your selling price.

The basement comes with the advantage of being a large, unobstructed space. This allows you to put it to many uses. You can create a single room or split it up into two or more rooms. Instead of letting it stay dark, musty and unused, consider undertaking a basement remodeling.

No Shortage of Ideas

When you think about basement remodeling, the first question on your mind is probably what you will turn it into. There is no shortage of ideas. Some homeowners opt to create an extra bedroom or two while others go as far as creating a personal museum down there. This is obviously a big decision and you need to go slow on it. The most important thing is to consider what your greatest need is. If you have a shortage of bedrooms, turn the basement into an extra bedroom. If you work at home and need a home office away from the noisy little ones, a home office it is. If the kids’ toys are cluttering up the living room and causing endless injuries, consider creating a playroom for them.

If there is no pressing need, then you can add a room for entertainment purposes. Some good ideas include a home cinema, a game room, a bar, a kitchenette or even an extra family room or deluxe bathroom for your home spa. If you love photography, you could turn it into your own personal gallery. If you have a priceless collection of sports memorabilia, consider creating a mini museum to enjoy with friends.

You can even create more than one room. Use a creative divider, such as a sliding barn door, to separate the two rooms. You could turn it into two bedrooms, a game room and bar, a kid’s play area and adult game room and so on. Discuss with your contractor what each idea involves. Consider the complexity and cost of each and choose the one you are most comfortable with.

A Word on Safety

Before going ahead with your project, check what the local code says on basement safety especially if you plan to turn it into a living space such as a bedroom. A basement fire is a major hazard and could cause major damage to your home and even worse, injuries or death. Talk with your contractor about installing basic safety measures such as an egress window, smoke detectors and fire sprinklers. Additionally, check that the basement has been well protected against moisture entry and damage.

Inspiring Ideas

To help you get started on basement remodeling, we have put together an in depth article: 8 Awesome Basement Remodeling Ideas, which includes a beverage center, a wine cellar and a private gym.


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