6 Health Benefits of Using a Steam Room or Steam Shower

6 Health Benefits of Using a Steam Room or Steam Shower

Many individuals have considered going to a steam room, but they hesitate, because they do not know what to expect or if it holds any true benefits. Believe it or not, a steam room can improve your overall physical aspects, mentality, and your general well-being. Below you will discover the great attributes of both a steam rooms or steam shower

Weight Loss

Contrary to thought, many people may think that a steam room will assist them, in their weight loss goals. If you are contemplating using this great facility to lose fat, you may be sorely disappointed. Of course, mixed martial artists swear by this technique, but what they do not tell you is they are only losing valuable water weight, through perspiration. The 114 degree Fahrenheit environment will cause you to perspire and in turn you are losing body fluid, which holds some very important ingredients.

  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Urea
  • Iron

Although the facility does not help you lose body fat, it can help you in many other ways. Be sure to replenish your fluids, in order to combat dehydration and hypernatremia (low sodium levels), which could increase your risks of developing heart and kidney failure, and potentially death.

Rejuvenates Skin   

The hot steam will dilate your skin pores, which will allow toxins and impurities to escape. Once your pores are opened, you can gently exfoliate to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin from your face. Your skin will definitely feel rejuvenated, after fifteen minutes in the steam.

Relaxation Mode

Most steamed facilities use eucalyptus oils to provide the users with a refreshing, calming atmosphere. You will feel extremely relaxed, while sitting in the room, afterwards you will feel totally exhilarated and ready to take on the world.

Respiratory Humidification

Steam has been used since the beginning of time for many different medical purposes. Steam inhalation allows moist air to enter the lungs through the nasal and oral passages. This process assists in loosening phlegm, mucus, and secretions, which acts the same way as an expectorant and nasal decongestant.

Cardiovascular Circulation

Heated steam rooms will cause your pulse and blood circulation to increase, which in turn can stabilize your blood pressure. This process will increase the oxygen and nutrient intake to your neurons, which can make you feel overall healthier.

Drive out Bacteria

Of course, medical experts have been utilizing ice cold water to decrease extremely high body temperatures, but what you may not know is hot steam can drive bacteria and organisms out of the body. Bacteria and organisms cannot live in excessively high temperatures and that is why steam is effective in killing them. This is basically the same process as the immunity response to viruses and bacteria. The body temperature increases to kill them off, which improves health and the overall well-being.

Relives Sore Muscles

There are six health benefits of using a steam room or steam shower. Bodybuilders and weightlifters find them beneficial in relieving muscle aches and soreness. The hot steam opens up the body pores and increases the blood circulation, which will cause the muscles to relax. This is basically the same as hot pack applications.


As you can obviously see a steam room can be used as an alternative tool to medications and medical treatment. This holistic health treatment is definitely recommended by all health experts, but use caution, if you are suffering from acute and chronic diseases that could potentially be complicated by high temperatures.

If you are unable to venture to the local health club or gym, you should certainly consider installing your very own steam shower at home, these self-contained units have become more affordable in recent times and as you have read above have many benefits apart from looking great.

About the Author: This article was written by Will Tottle, freelance writer and blogger for Has written several health-related articles that can benefit through the use of Steam rooms and Steam showers.


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