6 Guest Bathroom Design Tips

We all want our guests to feel completely at home when they stay for the night. There are many ways to make them feel welcome. One of the things you can do for them is to have a great guest bathroom. Here are some tips to make sure that you’ve got everything covered:

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Replace Broken or Leaking Fixtures
There’s nothing like the looming deadline of out-of-town guests to fast-track repairs you’ve been putting off. If you’re handy with a wrench, swapping out or repairing a leaky shower head is something you can quickly tackle yourself. Source: HGTV

Dual Sinks
A pair of side-by-side pedestal sinks increases convenience for a couple in the guest bath, allowing them both to get ready at the same time. Source: BHG

Choose Neutral Colors
It’s important to realize that, even though this bathroom is part of your home, it’s destined for your guests so they’re the ones that need to be comfortable when using it. So avoid using bold colors that some might find unappealing. It’s best to use neutral colors that most people feel comfortable with. Source: Homedit

Fresh Towels
Fluffy new towels are a must! Have some artfully rolled towels on a rack or in a big basket– bath sheets and towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Turkish towels are a wonderful choice since they are especially soft and absorbent. Towels are a great opportunity to add pops of color to a neutral palate. Source: SheKnows

Tidy Up
The small space of a bathroom is no place for clutter. Utilize a stylish bathroom storage unit that fits right over the toilet to wrangle all those bath supplies while keeping everything looking sharp. Be sure to provide those little luxuries that make a visit feel extra special, like lotion, shampoo and mini soaps. Source: CountryDoor

Bring In a DIY Air Diffuser — It Makes ‘Scents’
Ensuring that your bathroom always has a fresh scent is a hostess must! Guests will immediately feel more comfortable in a new place if it’s inviting to their senses. Make your own potpourri or air diffuser to sit atop your toilet tank, counter or shelf, and freshen up the room. Source: Redfin

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