5 Ways to Turn your Bathroom into a Spa Retreat

After a stressful day of our daily routine, all we want is just a little relaxation to soothe all our worries away. Going to the spa on a daily basis might not be feasible due to time and money constraints, so why not just invest on turning your own bathroom into a spa-like retreat? Check out these ideas below:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr


Consider All Your Senses
Start with neutralizing the things that might stress you out first. Loud noises from construction down the street or neighbors? Include white noise or soothing music to cover up sounds you don’t want. Hate the overhead light in your windowless bathroom? Bring in candles. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Arrange Artfully
Consider your counter: Are your beauty and hygiene supplies just strewn about randomly? If so, adding a few small trays can mean the difference between a mess and an artful arrangement. And don’t write off apothecary jars just because they’re a cliche — they’re a beautiful way to display the small but necessary items that often come in gaudy packaging (cotton balls, q-tips). Source: ElleDecor

Reflect Nature with Materials
atural textures like wood and stone breathe life into a bathroom. A pebbled tile floor feels amazing underfoot.  If a new floor is not in your budget anytime soon, treat yourself to a pebble bath mat. Source: Houzz

Just Add Flora
A simple potted plant or two can change the whole mood of a bathroom. Look for something that’s OK with moisture and low light, like an orchid or a begonia. Source: BirchBox

Steam Saunas and Showers
Warm, moist air has soothing qualities. But forget the crowded gym sauna or steam room. Install one at home for privacy and convenience. Special pre-fabricated steam shower units trap billowing steam and set your stress free. Source: WebMD

If you’re in need of sophisticated bathroom products that will complement your spa theme, contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect one!

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