5 Tips to Keep your Bathroom Warm This Winter

It’s easy to bundle up to keep yourself warm when it’s winter cold. But when it’s time to step into the bathroom, just the thought of it already gives you chills. Here are 5 things to do so you can make your bathroom experience warm and cozy despite the cold weather:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Efficiency Check
If your bathroom feels chillier than the rest of the house, the windows may be the culprit. Perform a quick test to see if your windows are letting in drafts by holding up a piece of tissue around the perimeter—if it moves, you have an air leak. Caulk around the window to prevent future air flow. Source: BobVila

Consider a Home Sauna
Historically much more common in countries like Sweden, saunas are becoming more popular in the States. Source: Houzz

Buy a Rug
Make sure it’s a rug made specifically for bathrooms, but not a plastic bathmat. Try to get a soft one, so it’s comfortable to walk on. Make sure it’s absorbent. Source: WikiHow

Install a Steam Shower
When your muscles ache or you’ve just braved a day filled with snow and slush, wouldn’t you love to treat yourself to an herb-scented steam bath? It’s possible to bring this health club experience home by transforming an ordinary shower stall into a rejuvenating steam shower. You can buy a steam-generating system for about $2,500, plus the cost of re-tiling and installing a steam-proof shower enclosure. There’s plumbing and electrical work involved, so you’ll need to hire pros for this job. Once installed, you’ll find your steam shower to be a relatively frugal energy consumer: A 20-minute steam bath requires about 2 gallons of water — a fraction of the 50 gallons used by a water-saving showerhead in the same time frame. Source: Bathrooms.About

Warm up your Towels
Heated towel racks are a quick and easy solution to warm things up. Just imagine stepping out of the shower to a nice warm towel. You can either install the rails, or have a freestanding rack, making this approach the simplest and most practical step towards a warmer bathroom. Source: Lifestyle

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