4 Ways to Warm Up During Winter

Yes, baby, it’s cold outside. So why not stay at home where you can feel more comfortable by doing these easy tips?

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Bundle up
Cover those places where blood flows close to the skin, Salz says. He recommends covering your wrists with a long-sleeve shirt, throwing on a sweater with a turtleneck collar to warm your neck, and pulling on socks long enough to cover your ankles. And don’t forget to cover your head — a baseball cap will do fine indoors. Source: BHG

Reverse the fan
If you’re up for a little science experiment, you can harness the physics of your ceiling fan in order to keep warm. Since warm air rises, you can use your ceiling fan to push it back down towards the ground. Simply reverse the direction of your fan and keep it on low so it doesn’t stir up a big breeze. Source: Greatist

Stay active
Get up and get moving! An active body heats up quickly – run, dance, jump until you break a sweat. You can jump for a few minutes, ride an exercise cycle or dance to your favorite music. And if you don’t mind being a little cold at first, a mile’s walk around the neighborhood will get you sweating pretty quickly. Source: WikiHow

Switch between hot and cold water in the shower
Hot showers immediately warm you up, but cold showers improve blood circulation between your skin and organs. Cold showers are also correlated with a stronger immune system. Source: MentalFloss

You know what’s the most relaxing way to stay warm during a cold winter night? Step in the sauna! Have one at your home so you can make every night a spa night. Call us!


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