4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Have you ever shelled out money to make your bathroom look more extravagant but it doesn’t end up looking the way you imagined? Check out these wonderful tips that will surely help your bathroom have a more expensive feel to it.

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Indulge in classy containers
We’re not just talking about buying one of those bathroom accessory sets with the matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder (although you should do that, too). We’re talking about rehoming all your drugstore toiletries throughout your bathrooms. Think: beautiful glass bottles or dispensers for your shampoo, body wash, and lotion. Source: Realtor

Add a place to perch
Nearly every high-end bathroom we’ve stepped into is equipped with seating of some sort, be it a simple garden stool, a tufted ottoman, or an ornately carved armchair. Not only does the accent look luxurious, it also feels grand—why do your pedicure on the toilet seat when you could have your very own throne? Source: MyDomaine

Adorn the walls – gallery style
A simply decorated bathroom can look very refined, and sometimes less really is more. However, just one feature can take a room from simple to chic – and hanging some beautiful art on the wall is a great way to do it.

Choose your piece carefully. A canvas might do well in a humid atmosphere, but whatever you display will need to be made from the appropriate materials, and don’t forget to ensure your bathroom is well ventilated. Source: Houzz

Brighten the room
Brilliant illumination, whether natural or artificial can add a great deal of sleek style to a simple bathroom. If you enjoy the classic look of a chandelier that can act as a statement piece in a normal bathroom, then you should consider that an ideal option for your home. Source: Homify

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