4 Ways to Avoid Frozen Pipes

It’s expensive to repair broken pipes—damage that commonly occurs during winter due to low temperatures. To ensure that you get to enjoy a hot bath any time of the day without worrying about the bathroom pipes, read the following tips:

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Drain the lines
Shut off the valves supplying your outside water lines. Individual supply lines running to the outside (hose bibs for example) will usually have a shut off valve on the inside of your home, close to where the supply goes outside. Drain the outside lines by opening the tap and then leave it in the open position. As long as it remains open, even a small amount of leftover water in the line can freeze and expand without causing any damage. Source: DoItYourself

Adjust the thermostat
Set the home or structure’s thermostat to at least 55 °F (13 °C). This will keep the temperature well above the freezing point of water. It will also allow enough warm air to circulate to the attic and behind walls, where pipes are often located. Source: WikiHow

Install a heating cable
Any outdoor pipes, such as water lines that run in a crawlspace under a house, are susceptible to freezing. Insutation, whether in the walls or around the pipes themselves, can help keep out the elements. But even that might not be enough, especially if you live in a cold climate.

To be sure your pipes won’t freeze, you can install electrical heating cable around the crawlspace pipes. The cable’s temperature automatically adjusts to the appropriate heat output as ambient temperatures change. Source: PopularMechanics

Make sure there are no air leaks
Seal leaks that allow cold air inside near where pipes are located. Look for air leaks around electrical wiring, dryer vents and pipes, and use caulk or insulation to keep the cold out. With severe cold, even a tiny opening can let in enough cold air to cause a pipe to freeze. Source: Patch

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