4 Types of Toilet Seats

There are so many options when it comes to choosing toilet seats.  Whichever one you choose is a matter of personal preference.  Continue reading to find out more about 4 types of toilet seats:

Soft Close Seats
A soft close toilet seat is a very quiet, easy-to-install alternative to traditional toilet seats. As the name implies, these unique bathroom fixtures are designed to close in a very slow fashion and won’t come crashing down should you lose your grip on them. Unlike traditional toilet seats, which make unpleasant pounding sounds whenever they’re closed too forcefully, a soft close seat makes virtually no sound at all, regardless of how much pressure is applied when closing it. The lack of loud noise produced by these seats is particularly helpful if anyone in your home has a propensity for losing their grip when closing toilet seats. Small children, in particular, have problems when it comes to properly closing seats. If you or any of your family members frequently get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, you needn’t worry about waking anyone when opening and closing a soft close toilet seat. This is very useful in homes with small children or elderly adults who consistently have to use the bathroom at various points throughout the night. Additionally, if you often abstain from making middle-of-the-night bathroom visits for fear of waking your family, a soft close seat will offer you some long overdue relief. Source: DoItYourself

Nightlight Seats
Nightlight runs automatically on a seven-hour cycle so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on during the day or turning it on every night. With just the push of a button, you program the first cycle, and the Nightlight will activate at the same time every night. The slim, low-profile toilet seat runs on four “AA” batteries for up to six months, so you don’t have to deal with messy cords or wires that add clutter in your bathroom. The guiding light, located in the seat’s hinge, is visible with the lid down. It projects a gentle glow onto the toilet’s tank so users can easily see the toilet area when entering the bathroom. With the lid lifted, users can see the task light illuminating the bowl for improved sight in dark or dim lighting. Choose between two brightness levels for the task light that illuminates the bowl when the lid is lifted and the guiding light that illuminates the toilet when the lid is down. The dual LED lighting on Nightlight is designed to provide optimal light intensity for guidance without disturbing your night time vision. No need to flip a switch and brace yourself for the harsh bathroom light that stuns your sleepy eyes.
KOHLER toilet seats with Nightlight help guide you safely and comfortably, even on the darkest nights. Available on Cachet®, Reveal® and Transitions toilet seats, Nightlight features two unique LED bulbs that illuminate your toilet in a soft glow. It’s perfect for kids, seniors, or anyone who needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Source: Kohler

Hands-Free Alternative
Who says the Japanese make all the fancy potties? Kohler has jumped into wash-yer-butt bidet derby with its C3 series toilet seats, using a special “hydra-cleansing wand” to give you a hands-free alternative to toilet paper.
The C3-200 model has an in-line heater that warms up that water so your ass-cleaning experience will be more soothing than shocking. It even has a remote control to initiate the whole cleaning and drying process. There’s also the model C3-100 that contains a small tank that heats up the cleansing water, and its controls are located on the side of the seat.  These swank toilet seats let you adjust the temperature and pressure of that cleaning spray, and there’s also a cool blue light that helps with that nighttime urinary aiming problem. Also a nice touch is the way these heated seats quietly lower as if riding on a cushion of air. Both models offer the ability to select front and rear wash, and you can even make the hydra-cleansing wand pulsate that water on those oh-so-sensitive body parts. That could get interesting rather quickly. The higher-end C3-200 also offers a deodorizing fan, and warm air drying with adjustable temperature and fan speed. Source: Gizmodo

The Flip Toilet Seat
It`s a 2-in-1 toilet training seat specially designed for children and adults. With a unique child lid with a smaller opening, and an elongated adult toilet seat for extra comfort, this flip toilet seat has it all! Both the adult seat and the child flip potty seat have a Quiet-Close feature that prevents loud and harmful slamming, as well as Quick-Release hinges that allow the seat to be easily removed for cleaning. The Quiet-Close technology offers increased convenience, safety, and hygiene. This flip potty seat, functional and creative, is perfect for anyone looking to keep their bathroom looking tidy and lovely throughout the potty training process!  Source: PottyTrainingConcepts

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